The Bed Intruder?!?

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After "Me and Bobby McGee," I took a vow that I would never say another ill word about Harmonix or their DLC.

With that in mind...
Slipknot is... not good.
Limp Bizkit... even more not good.
Blink-182... slightly less not good.

HOWEVER, browsing through the RBN songs last night, I noticed... THE BED INTRUDER SONG. I'm sure there will be a lot of you for whom this is old news, but I wanted to bump this song for anyone else who might have missed it on the RBN.

If you don't know the Bed Intruder, the video for the original news story can be found at It's pretty f'n hilarious, and once that remix gets stuck in your head, it is difficult to get out.

Thanks HMX, you continue to be a friend.

(Also, piano players, check out RBN if you haven't--apparently The Entertainer and Fur Elise are available, which was news to me.)


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