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1st RB4.

Buddy Holly – “Peggy Sue” – Rock ‘N Roll
Chuck Berry - "Johnny B. Goode" – Classic Rock
Elvis Presley – “Hound Dog” - Blues
Ray Charles - "Hit the Road, Jack" – Jazz

The Animals - "House of the Rising Sun" – Classic Rock
Beach Boys - "Help, Me Rhonda" – Pop
The Beatles - "Hey Jude" – Classic Rock
Deep Purple - "Hush" – Classic Rock
Iron Butterfly - "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" – Classic Rock
King Crimson - "In the Court of the Crimson King" – Progressive
The Kinks - "All Day and All of the Night" – Hard Rock
Rolling Stones - "It's Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It)" – Classic Rock
Simon & Garfunkel - "Mrs. Robinson" – Folk
The Turtles - "Happy Together" – Pop
Van Morrisson - "Brown Eyed Girl" – Pop
The Ventures – “Wipe Out" - Surf
The Who - "The Kids Are Alright" – Classic Rock
Zegar & Evans - "In the Year 2525" - Pop

The Allman Brothers Band - "Jessica" - Rock
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" – Classic Rock
Bad Company – “Feel Like Makin’ Love” – Classic Rock
Black Sabbath - "Iron Man" – Metal
Boston – “Let Me Take You Home Tonight” - Classic Rock
Chic - "Le Freak" – Disco
Chicago - "If You Leave Me Now" – Jazz
Derek & the Dominoes - "Layla" – Classic Rock
Don McLean - "American Pie" – Classic Rock
Edgar Winter Group - "Frankenstein" – Classic Rock
Heart - "Crazy on You" – Classic Rock
Home - "Pause for a Hoarse Horse" – Progressive
Jethro Tull - "Cross Eyed-Mary" – Rock
Jimi Hendrix - "Voodoo Child" – Classic Rock
Led Zeppelin – “Black Dog” - Rock
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - "Blinded by the Light" – Classic Rock
Meat Loaf - "Bat Out of Hell" – Classic Rock
Motorhead - "Overkill" – Hard Rock
Rainbow - "Stargazer" – Metal
Rush - "La Villa Strangiato" – Progressive
Steve Miller Band - "Jet Airliner" – Rock
The Violent Femmes - "Add it Up" – Classic Punk
ZZ Top - "La Grange" – Southern Rock

Aerosmith ft. Run DMC - "Walk This Way" – Rap-Rock
Culture Club - "Karma Chameleon" – Pop
Dead Milkmen - "Punk Rock Girl" – Punk
Def Leppard - "Hysteria" – Classic Rock
Diamond Head - "Am I Evil?" - Metal
Dire Straits - "Money For Nothing" – Classic Rock
Extreme - "Play With Me" – Speed Metal
Guns 'N' Roses - "Paradise City" – Classic Rock
Helloween - "I Want Out" – Metal
Journey - "Open Arms" – Power Ballad
Los Lobos - "La Bamba" – Rock
Men Without Hats - "Safety Dance" – New Wave
Metallica - "Master of Puppets" – Metal
Michael Jackson - "Beat It" – Pop
Modern English - "I Melt With You" – New Wave
Motley Crue - "Home Sweet Home" – Power Ballad
Nena - "99 Luftbaloons" – New Wave
Poison - "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" – Power Ballad
Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Knock Me Down" – Alternative
R.E.M - "The One I Love" – Alternative
Simple Minds - "Don't You (Forget About Me)" – New Wave
Skid Row - "Youth Gone Wild" – Hair Metal
Slayer - "Angel of Death" – Metal
Styx - "The Best of Times" – Power Ballad
U2 - "Pride (In the Name of Love)" – Rock
Van Halen - "Jump" – Arena Rock
Yes - "Shoot High, Aim Low" – Progressive
Yngwie Malmsteen - "Black Star" - Metal

Anthrax ft. Public Enemy - "Bring the Noise" – Rap
Bad Religion – “Stranger than Fiction” - Rock
Barenaked Ladies - "Alcohol" – Rock
Beck - "Loser" – Grunge
Goo Goo Dolls – “Iris” - Rock
Jamiroquai – “Canned Heat” - Funk
Limp Bizkit – “Break Stuff” - Nu-Metal
NOFX - "Linoleum" – Punk
Primus - "My Name Is Mud" – Alternative
Rage Against the Machine - "Sleep Now in the Fire" – Alternative
Semisonic - "Closing Time" – Rock
Sonic Youth – “100%” - Indie
Smashing Pumpkins - "1979" – Alternative
Sublime - "Date Rape" – Ska
Weird Al Yankovic - "Hardware Store" - Novelty

30 Seconds to Mars - "From Yesterday" – Emo
311 - "Hey You" – Ska
Alexisonfire - "The Northern" – Alternative
The All-American Rejects - "It Ends Tonight" – Pop-Rock
Bullet For My Valentine - "Scream Aim Fire" – Metal
Cake - "Love You Madly" - Rock
Children of Bodom - "Done With Everything, Die for Nothing" – Metal
Coheed and Cambria - "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" – Metal
Coldplay - "Violet Hill" – Alternative
David Glen Eisley - "Sweet Victory" – Rock
Demons & Wizards - "Down Where I Am" – Metal
Disturbed - "Droppin' Plates" – Nu-Metal
Dragonforce - "Fury of the Storm" – Power Metal
Eminem - "Marshall Mathers" – Rap
The Explosion - "Here I Am" – Punk
Fall Out Boy - "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me'" – Emo
Hollywood Undead - "Undead" – Rap
Hoobastank - "Without a Fight" – Punk
Iron Maiden - "Dance of Death" - Metal
Incubus - "Anna Molly" – Alternative
Linkin Park - "No More Sorrow" – Nu-Metal
Matchbox 20 – “How Far We’ve Come” - Rock
Muse - "Bliss" – Alternative
Modest Mouse - "We've Got Everything" – Indie
New Found Glory - "Oxygen" - Rock
The Offspring - "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" – Alternative
Panic! At the Disco - "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" – Emo
Papa Roach - "Scars" – Rock
Paramore - "Brick by Boring Brick" – Punk
Pearl Jam - "Save You" – Grunge
Pillar - "Frontline" – Hard Rock
Queens of the Stone Age - "Millionaire" – Alternative
Rancid - "Fall Back Down" – Punk
Reel Big Fish - "Don't Start a Band" – Ska
Rise Against - "Make It Stop (September's Children)" – Emo
Rishloo – “Freaks & Animals” – Hard Rock
Simple Plan - "Perfect" – Rock
Skillet - "Awake and Alive" – Rock
Smash Mouth - "Then the Morning Comes" – Rock
Streetlight Manifesto - "Would You Be Impressed?" – Ska
Steriogram - "Walkie Talkie Man" – Punk
Sum 41 - "Underclass Hero" – Rock
System of a Down - "I-E-A-I-A-I-O" – Nu-Metal
Tenacious D - "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)" – Metal
Them Crooked Vultures - "Scumbag Blues" – Alternative
Tool - "Schism" – Hard Rock
Trapt - "Headstrong" – Rock
Turisas - "Rasputin" – Viking Metal

Adele - "Rolling in the Deep" – Pop
Arcade Fire - "Ready to Start" – Indie
Avenged Sevenfold - "Danger Line" – Metal
blink-182 – “After Midnight” – Punk
Bush - "The Sound of Winter" – Indie
Cee-Lo Green - "Forget You" – Pop
Elena Siegman - "Beauty of Annihilation" – Nu-Metal
Foo Fighters - "White Limo" – Alternative
Godsmack - "Love, Hate, Sex, Pain" – Metal
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - "Paris (Ooh La La)" – Country Pop
Kings of Leon - "Radioactive" – Alternative
KoRn ft. Skrillex - "Get Up!" – Nu-Metal
Megadeth - "Never Dead" – Metal
My Chemical Romance - "S.I.N.G" – Emo
Watsky - "A New Kind of Sexy" - Rap


  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
  • coolsnoopy97coolsnoopy97 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    It turned out awesome, would definitely buy this.

    Just a few minor issues with the genres, nothing big.

    Slayer is in no world Hair Metal, I would relabel Angel of Death as thrash metal
    Primus is definitely not Metal, certainly Alternative rock.
    Bullet for my Valentine would better be labelled as Metal or Nu-metal then Alternative
    Coheed and Cambria is arguably more Progressive then Metal
    Incubus is Alternative or Indie, not Nu-Metal
    Dream Theater, while arguably Metal as well, has been labeled Prog by Rock Band, so it would be more realistic to do so here

    And I'm pretty sure Hollywood Undead and Modest Mouse weren't around in the 80s, so I think those songs are in the wrong decade.

    The Anthrax/Public Enemy song is in the 90s, not the 80s.

    Those are my only gripes, and tbh, if that's just it, it means this is a very good setlist indeed.

  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    iTunes added Slayer for the 69 cent packs, and the song was under Hair Metal. I thought it was weird and went with it. Primus, I agree with. I have no clue why I put Incubus as Nu-Metal, I did the genre labeling at 2 o' clock last night, and went to Wikipedia with it, so, maybe that's why the labeling is off.

    EDIT. The Hollywood Undead was released in '07.
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    Alright...fixed everything...
  • DanManRockerDanManRocker Road Warrior
    edited October 2011
    I like this set-list, even if:

    1.) Even if I'm not familiar with most of those 90s, 2000s, and 2010s songs.
    2.) They say Led Zeppelin and Gun N' Roses will not agree to licensing
    3.) Perhaps 1/3rd-1/4th of this set-list has Guitar Hero songs in it (I consider that franchise dead to me now, even if they might make more games).
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    1.) Even though surprising to myself that you don't know them, I recommend you listen to all of them. They are amazing songs, and some good choices for Rock Band.
    2.) I know about Led Zeppelin, but we did get a Chinese Democracy song on RB, so you'll never know.
    3.) Are you talking from the original games, or all 900 songs?
  • coolsnoopy97coolsnoopy97 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    If you listened to Angel of Death, it would be quite apparent Slayer is NOT Motley Crue. iTunes really doesn't know what they're talking about when it comes to genres. I still highly recommend relabeling the song.

    Edit: I still see some of the discrepancies on the list, are you sure you fixed everything?
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    Oh, I know. I've listened to Slayer, and I guess you could say it was more for s***s and giggles.

    And, maybe or maybe not. I went through, and changed some stuff, but clicked away and had to redo it.
  • DanManRockerDanManRocker Road Warrior
    edited October 2011
    3.) I think all 900... excluding those portable ones.
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    DanManRocker;4520035 said:
    3.) I think all 900... excluding those portable ones.

    That's what I meant. The guitar Hero library has 900 songs INCLUDING DLC. I don't care to remember how many they have had in all of their games. I counted 11 or 12, which is no where near 1/4.

    EDIT. I've actually run out of characters, and so it looks like it says Incubus "No More Sorrow" - Nu-Metal. Linkin Park is supposed to be there, along with Incubus' "Anna Molly" as Alternative. I've got to delete some characters...
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011 everything is okay...Hopefully.
  • coolsnoopy97coolsnoopy97 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    Primus is still labelled as metal...

    Sorry for being anal about the whole genre thing, I just can't stand bands I hate like Primus 'besmirching' my favorite genre.
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    Primus has been changed. Okay...are there are any more problems...? Okay... the last RB4 setlist, I included a list of achievements (or trophies for people who play PS3) just for the lulz of it. I want to do something like that in this thread, maybe not achievements, but something as cool. I don't have any ideas at the moment, but the res won't be a res for long.
  • DemonUnicornsDemonUnicorns Normally Dumb
    edited October 2011
    A masterpiece if I've ever seen one...!
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    Thank you for all of the positive comments. I'm glad you all enjoy the setlist as much as I do, and I hope to keep this thread alive for as long as it possibly can.
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011 order to do this, let me just sort of bring this page back to the front. I still want ideas on what to do with my Res. I had a few ideas:

    1. Achievement List (Like I did on the last RB setlist)
    2. Genre Breakdown
    3. A "Hardest Song" List
    4. A "Premium" Song packet available for the game (Although, that may just be a DLC thread)
    5. Features for the game.

    Of course, I will take any and all ideas for what to do with the res. I hope you enjoy the setlista s much as I have.
  • coolsnoopy97coolsnoopy97 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    Genre Breakdown and Hardest Song list would be great additions.
  • Santini812Santini812 Unsigned
    edited October 2011
    Good work, I'd buy it
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited October 2011
    Okay, so I have a genre breakdown up. Also, since "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" has been released recently to DLC. I took it off the setlist, and will replace it soon.
  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited December 2011
    Hello. I decided to update my list.
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