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Being an old timer here and god knows it's been a while that I've posted here (probably a year from now) I listen to my music an feel inspired by my new project in my life, the drums. Now I've been playing guitar for about ten years now, though i consider myself a more rhythm guitarist(I always found more grace to it ala Dissection) I grew up with a drummer friend. I always studied music as a whole with drums included which a friend of mine instilled in me in high school. He had a passion in music and essentially laid the seed in drumming for me. Showed me the ropes and to keep a groove going on and that Dave Grohol knows what he's doing. So without further ado, here's my idols in drumming.

Mike Bordin-Faith No More/Ozzy Osborne
The man has quite one of the best grooves on the planet. If it wasnt for his drums on this particular songs The Real Thing wouldn't have been as real.

Reidar Horghagen AKA Horgh-Immortal
Not the most challenging of extreme beats but has a groove not felt my many extreme metal bands.

Dave Lomobardo-Slayer/Grip Inc./Testament
Sometimes I like to think of the drum world like baseball. There's some people that obviously use steroids and those that play by the rules. Dave Lomardo is one of the few that prove that his speed is all natural, no need for triggers. Sure there are many that can play faster but not many can make your hair fly while they're playing as I'm damn sure they can't!

Dave Grohl-Nirvana/Foo Fighters/Probot
The one guy I get a boner for for both drumming and composing skills. Not only a great musician but a great human, for taking out the trapped coal miner out and defending his fans. He's only number two since I am making this list as a drummers list and not a whole musicians list, for which he would be a 3rd(which trust me, it's damn good company) With drums Everlongs sounds a passionate evening with your partner following rough(lack of a better word) "contact". Acoustic version it's more romanticized like if candles are around with more romance involved. (Genius!) If thers's a man I would idol, Dave is the F**king man.
Chuck Fu**ing" Biscuts!-Danzig-Social Distortion-Fu**ing Danzig!!!!!
Now Now of course this is one mans opinion but god damn I love Danzig and Chuck is the damn reason why I listen to it. It drives me to hop on the drums, to jam with friends, to start my band, to practice! It's the god damn groove. He's my Stevie Ray Vaughan. My diamond in the rough! Joey Castillo?! THATS NOT DANZIG! Chuck brought a groove that I highly doubt others would've brought to the table. I dunno if it's the simplicity he brought to it or that damn ride cymbal of his that was the glue to everything. Everything I drum it cuz of that ride! It's tasteful, doesn't ever go dull. He's definitely not technically sound AT ALL but he sure as sh** has groove. A Angus Yound to a Yngvie Malmsteem (And god knows Angus puts more feeling into it that Yngvie does) My Stevie Ray to the Stevie Vai.(And the old timers would know I love Stevie Ray)

So here's my damn list. Hats off to Ultimatim. I loved Dave Grohl, you just showed me he was my idol I need to drive me along with Chuck!


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