Great songs looking for a great performance.

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Not too long ago I listened to Art Garfunkel's Scissors Cut for the first time. Overall it's not that memorable of an album, but it does have two interesting links to the world of animation. The first is "Bright Eyes," which Garfunkel contributed to Watership Down. The second is his interpretation of "That's All I've Got to Say," originally from The Last Unicorn.

I was particularly hopeful to see "That's All I've Got to Say" in the track list. The song is excellent, but its appearance in The Last Unicorn is sadly lacking. While soft-rock group America did most of the songs in the movie, "That's All I've Got to Say" was performed by Jeff Bridges and Mia Farrow, acting as their characters. Even though Bridges has more recently proven his musical chops, at the time of The Last Unicorn... let's just say he and Farrow were better actors than singers. But with Art Garfunkel singing, surely the man who brought "Bridge over Troubled Water" to life could give "That's All I've Got to Say" the skill it needed.

The song started promisingly enough. And then, it ended. After one verse! Garfunkel must have been in a hurry to get out of the studio that day. Unfortunately he left this beautiful song still wanting a worthy performance.

Any other great songs out there that haven't yet gotten the treatment they deserve?
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