Anyone else want some Godhead?

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I personally love Godhead, they have a lot of musical styles and sound great.

They've released 9 albums and have contributed to many soundtracks since 1994.

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The following is copied from Godhead's Wiki.

[I]Godhead, occasionally typeset as gODHEAD, is an American alternative rock/metal band from Washington, D.C.. They are most often credited with being the only band signed to musician Marilyn Manson's short-lived vanity label, Posthuman Records.

The band was formed in 1994 under the early moniker Blind, but made their first performance as Godhead shortly after in Fairfax, Virginia that April. After fairly remaining in obscurity for a number of years, the band was noticed by Marilyn Manson, frontman of the band of the same name, and in 2000 signed a record contract with Manson, making them the first act of Posthuman Records.[1] This deal culminated with the release of their breakthrough studio album in January 2001 entitled, 2000 Years of Human Error,[2] which earned Godhead recognition by Ozzy Osbourne and landed them a spot on Ozzfest[3] where the band headlined the second stage that same year. The album featured additional contributions by Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez, Scott Putesky (original guitarist for Marilyn Manson, formerly known as Daisy Berkowitz), as well as Manson himself. Despite being briefly hindered by the dissolution of Posthuman, the band has steadily developed a following since their breakthrough.

Drummer James O'Connor left the band prior to the recording of their fifth studio album, Evolver. He was replaced by Tom Z, who remained with the band for a very short time before being replaced by former Static-X drummer Ken Jay. Both Static-X's Wayne Static and Reeves Gabrels, best known for his long partnership with English musician David Bowie, would contribute to the album, which was released in 2003. In 2005, frontman Jason C. Miller invited O'Connor to return as the band's drummer to which he accepted, though he departed from Godhead for a second time in 2006, following the completion of The Shadow Line. He was replaced this time by Glendon Crain.

On March 24, 2008, the band revealed that that Ty Smith of Bullets and Octane would be replacing Crain as drummer. Shortly after, the band announced their plans to release a DVD featuring a special acoustic performance held in Los Angeles, California earlier in the year, and as well announced their seventh studio album as in production. This album, later confirmed to be titled At the Edge of the World, features studio material, as well as five remixes, and contains artwork by English artist Sam Shearon.

Throughout their career, Godhead has toured on their own, as well as with Ozzfest, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Rammstein, Mudvayne, Orgy, Static-X, Ra, Ill Ni


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