Elliott Smith?

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Just out of curiosity, have any authoring groups tried contacting any of the labels or rights-holders of Elliott Smith's music? I'm assuming Dreamworks wouldn't exactly be RBN friendly, but has anyone tried contacting some of the indie labels he was on like Kill Rock Stars or Suicide Squeeze? A lot of his stuff would be perfect with harmonies and keys (then again, a lot of his stuff is also solo acoustic and would probably be awful for Rock Band).

Anyway, just curious if anyone's tried contacting anybody about getting Elliott Smith in RBN. I'm sure there's a ton of roadblocks with him being deceased and all.


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    I'm not sure this would work, most artists who had material released from an indie label then went to a major label usually signed a deal that signed away the rights to their indie label music (I had this problem when it came CKY's first albums). In the off chance that his music is still owned by him (or whomever may have inheireted (sp?) it) then you'd have to contact them, convince them to let you use his music (which is a touchy subject considering his death) without an up-front licensing payment, and get the stems to a song that is RB friendly.

    I wish we could, LA was my favorite song from GH5, but this is just one of those artists that are best left to HMX to get. Good news though, HMX has been getting a lot of GH "exclusive" artists lately, so there's still a possibility.
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    I'd love to see some Elliott Smith, but I think Harmonix will release it if it ever happens.
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    One of The Authority's co-founders worked with Elliott. He engineered some of From a Basement on the Hill. That said there are no plans to release any of his music.
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    In words of GNF,

    Ask him."

    EDIT: Lmao... such a dumb thing to say.
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