Tribe - A Great Forgotten Band

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If you like the song Outside you have to check out my Tribe website. There are lots of mp3's, some videos, lots of pictures and more info than you will ever need on the band Tribe. Greg LoPiccolo & Eric Brosius of Harmonix where in Tribe back in the late 80's through the early 90's. They put out 3 CD's two of which where on major labels. I was lucky enough to see them live once, and the experience will never leave my memory. Greg & Eric where kind enough to supply me with some demo files for songs they where working on just before the band broke up. They are on the site ready to be downloaded and enjoyed. Their two major label releases Abort & Sleeper are available on Amazon used at a reasonable price. Their first CD which you will have a hard time finding a copy of is available on my site for download. The band have given me permission to share the files. Other fans over the past 3+ years that my site has been online have provided me with a few live Tribe shows and videos.



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