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Last month, I posted this. I wanted to make a thread so that I could geive this more attention:
GigakoopsRBN;4535133 said:
Hello again, and here's my October 2011 announcement:

I've been thinking a while about how I could make things fun around here. Well, I've decided that my next big artist should be:


I am holding a contest called "GigakoopsRBN Write Your Own Song Contest." Here are some details:

Write you song and submit at [email][/email] before January 1st, 2012, and I'll enter it into a public poll here on these forums. Then users can vote on the song they would want out of all the contest members to be on Rock Band. Top 3 Winners get their song authored and get all author/artist pay. That's right, I don't get a damned thing, you get it all to yourself!

Songs must be:

- Within 30 seconds to 10 minutes long.
- Be an original work.
- Be in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Japanese.
- May contain language, but strong words (s***, f***, c***, etc.) will be censored.
- Must have stems, so I can make the song work in-game.

Also, don't be a party pooper and vote for your own song. We gotta play fair.

Also, if you do not win, you can also get your songs authored, but I get 5% if the earnings, you get 25%, and HMX/Microsoft get the rest.

Happy Halloween, and hope to see (or hear) those songs soon.

It can be anything! Except a cover, or a song too short or long. But make it unique, and good luck to you all.


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    I submit my GNF song

    Also, you can post this on RBNS if you want.
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    Hmm, I thought we were gonna author that together. I guess you can still pitch in and such.

    Also made my announcement on the site. Thanks.
  • GreatJedi7GreatJedi7 Road Warrior
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    Been working on a song for this for a few days now.

    All I can say is, fingers will break, and pedals will be splintered. :)
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    Sorry, but as cool an idea as this is we can't allow it to be run through the forums since there's money at stake (via revenue from potential song sales).

    If this was something you ran on another site we could maybe find some way to promote it here, and if you wanted to promote it via Twitter I'd be happy to help spread the word. But unfortunately contest rules are strict enough on the forums for us, so allowing a user run contest with money on the line would probably make the lawyers heads explode.

    Shoot me a PM if you have any questions and I'll do my best to respond ASAP.
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