Looking for a RBN artist willing to licence the use of their track...

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Hi! We are a group of amateur filmmakers working on a series of short music game related sketches and are looking for Rock Band Network bands willing to sub-licence their RBN network tracks for use in our videos.

What it boils down to is: we would like to use real footage of a band playing Rock Band but there is no way we can get permission to use any of the main setlist bands music. This is why we are turning to the "indie" community for help.

We are completely independent and are making it for fun, (there's no money making opportunities involved, sorry! unless the video makes us superfamous. which it won't.) but we would like to make sure that we have proper permissions for all the content we use in our videos as the sketches will be publically published to Youtube and other sites.

So in short:
- we are looking for a band eager to allow us to use their track in our video
- it's non-profit so we can't pay you but will be happy to credit you, link to your band, put more info about you at the end of our videos and generally make sure people know who lent us a helping hand
- we'll ask you to sign a legal agreement allowing us to use a part of your track (up to ~20-30 seconds) in the video (we'll be happy to write the document as long as you are happy to print it, sign it, scan it and send it back via email ;) )
- we are looking for an intense, upbeat track - something that sounds pretty hard and exhilarating - doesn't have to be superhard. any 3-4 "dots" difficutly track or more will do.
- Ideally, your track will be available on the PS3 as this is our system of choice, so we can buy it (if we don't already have it) and use it in the video. I guess we can work around that one, though.

Hope I was clear enough! I can't seem to gather my thoughts as well as I would like to today.
But I'll be happy to answer all your questions :)


  • OscarvariumOscarvarium Rising Star
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    I would recommend Rose of Jericho or Ultra Saturday. Both are active in the RBN community and have songs available on both Xbox and PS3.
  • DangimarockerDangimarocker Headliner
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    Oscarvarium;4545306 said:
    I would recommend Ultra Saturday
  • machetemonkeymachetemonkey Opening Act
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    Dangimarocker;4545674 said:

    I agree as well. Just keep in mind that Ultra Saturday is technically broken up, if I remember correctly. But Wes is a cool guy and doesn't seem like one to prohibit the promotion of his music, so I doubt that would be a factor.

    Otherwise, yeah, pretty much any ultra saturday song released on the RBN will fall pretty squarely into what you're looking for. My preference is still Superhero! but a lot of people prefer other songs, and they have a few RBN2 songs if you're looking to include a keyboardist or harmony vocalists in your video.
  • wesjett08wesjett08 Rising Star
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    We're not broken up, Just on hiatus for the time being but yes ... We'd be willing to throw some songs at you guys. We've got a song that should hopefully be released within the next week or so that would fit what you are looking for perfectly IMO.

    Shoot me a email @ wes _ jett 2008 @ yahoo . com and we'll discuss further.
  • machetemonkeymachetemonkey Opening Act
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    wesjett08;4545986 said:
    We're not broken up, Just on hiatus for the time being
    This news makes me quite happy. From your facebook posting a month or so ago it sounded like the band was calling it quits. I like Ultra Saturday. Quite a bit.

  • dark_archondark_archon Opening Act
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    Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions guys!

    I'll make sure to contact wesjett08 as well with more details on the matter. :)
  • AskariNariAskariNari Rising Star
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    You can use any of my tracks for free, since all my compositions are technically in the public domain.
  • LockdownMusicLockdownMusic Unsigned
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    You can always contact me if you need some music. I have a few samples i never used so just leave me a msg either on here or on my youtube
  • jawillroyjawillroy Rising Star
    edited November 2011
    I'd be down, though I think it unlikely I'll have anything on the PS3 anytime soon.
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