EMI Getting "Chopped Up, Sold in Pieces" -- Affects RBN?

queuemarkqueuemark Opening Act
edited November 2011 in The Rock Band Network
Just read this story about longtime independent label EMI being auctioned off into pieces: http://news.yahoo.com/emi-sale-ends-80-years-independence-031740136.html

Apparently its music library is being sold to Universal and Sony. This is all very insider baseball stuff, but I wonder if it affects charting groups' ability to license music for Rock Band Network? Am I remembering correctly that EMI was the company that basically refused to have anything to do with RBN? How are the track records of UMG and Sony?

Anyway, just thought it was noteworthy that the label that brought the world legendary artists like the Beatles, Queen, and Coldplay, is defunct.


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