Rock Band Turns 4 Years Old! Post Your RB Memories

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Hey gang,

The 4th anniversary of the release of Rock Band is fast approaching and we've got a bunch of rad stuff lined up to celebrate the birthday. There's all sorts of cool content focusing on the hardware, the art, interviews with HMX seniors and a bunch of crazy stories and pictures we've never shared before.

One of the things we wanted to add to the stream of content is all of YOUR stories. There's already a few RB BDay threads floating around, but I wanted to toss this one up so everyone has a place to look back at the initial launch of RB and just how much things have changed since then.

When did you first play RB? When did you know you were hooked? Have any crazy RB party stories / photos / videos / mug shots? Meet any friends through RB? Discover any new bands through RB? We want to hear all about it, from your first exposure to what keeps you playing to this day.

I'll post some of my favorite / craziest RB stories in this thread as well, but I'll let you guys kick things off. Happy birthday Rock Band!


  • TehBanStickTehBanStick Unsigned
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    Obligatory Bladder of Steel post:

    I actually took the day off of school and decided then would be the best time for BoS.
    I grabbed a couple water bottles and a pack of saltines then went at it on Expert Guitar. The rest is history.
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
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    The first time I played was at my best friend's 14th birthday party, June 2008. The party was a sleepover that was held the night before his birthday. His parents gave him this present early, so that he and friends could play. I had no idea what it was. A new Guitar Hero game? No, there was drums. And a microphone? What the heck? So his dad set up the instruments. We all played. Well, except me. The other four kids in attendance were kind of hogging the instruments. But I was amazed by the game: the drums and the microphone peripherals, of course, but also by how much fun this game was with friends, compared to the one-player Guitar Hero. Did I get to play Rock Band that night? No. Okay, maybe one or two songs. But it was still something I will never forget.

    When I went home that night, I told my parents about this super-cool game. Within a month, they had suprised me with my very own Rock Band band kit for PS2. We played it a lot -- for the first two weeks or so. Then the instruments kind of sat around for a bit, only played every month or so. When Rock Band 2 came out, I bought it as soon as I could. But it got even less play than the first game. So, no, I did not get hooked right away. When I got The Beatles: Rock Band for the Wii in December '09: that's when my obsession began.

    As a kid who had just started listening to The Beatles -- I mean really listen, like, to all the CD's, every song, over and over again, non-stop; my dad had some of their albums beforehand, and the 1 CD was played a lot in the car, so The Beatles were always a part of my life -- this new game was heaven. Being able to play their songs was incredible. It re-ignited the magic that I had found that one night in my friend's basement.

    When Rock Band 3 was released less than a year later, I had already reserved the sole copy at my local gaming store (not really a game store, mind you; they sell movies, TV's, other electronics, and, oddly enough, clothes as well), and was there to pick it up on release day. I ran home and bought a lot of DLC with the five or six Wii Points Cards I had bought in preparation. I had the ability to buy DLC with The Beatles: Rock Band, but with Rock Band 3... the fact that I had so many artists, so many songs available to me. I think it finally pushed me over the edge. I played Rock Band 3 all night, and every night for a few weeks.

    Fast forward to this day, and I've spent about $2,000 on Rock Band. I will soon be spending near another $1,000 when I switch over to Xbox, which I am doing solely to enrich my Rock Band experience. Who knows how much money I will be spending in the future, with all of the great DLC Harmonix is releasing weekly. I have no plans to share those numbers with my parents any time soon.

    And that is my Rock Band story. If you've read this far, congratulations! Wasn't worth it, was it? :p
  • dog037dog037 This Many Days Since Last Ban:
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    I bought Rock Band 1 in March 2008 and enjoyed it.
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    I have 3 great Rock Band memories

    Christmas 2007 me and my 2 brothers got Rock Band and an Xbox to play it on. I remember setting it all up that morning and every one was playing and switching instruments. That was great fun.

    A week after RB2 came out I had a few friends come over to play and I, being an idiot, decided to tilt my Xbox to get to the USB port in the back. My disc got crazy scratched but I still had the receipt so we quickly drove back to GameStop and they gave me no hassle giving me a new copy.

    When i went to do the Endless setlist to get Steel Bladder in RB2. I managed to get through the whole thing without needing to go to the bathroom but my dog peed on the floor. He did not get the achievement lol.
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
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    dog037;4548763 said:
    I bought Rock Band 1 in March 2008 and enjoyed it.

    What a nice memory, dog! Warms my heart. :)
  • dmbdawdmbdaw Road Warrior
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    I remember the first time I passed a song on expert guitar, bought my first dlc song, and singing "Say it Ain't So" a hundred times when RB first came out.
  • kitlerckitlerc Road Warrior
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    I was hooked on Rock Band before it came out. The idea of having Guitar Hero expanded into a full band experience was an amazing idea. There was just one problem, I refused to buy it until I had an Xbox 360 since I knew that my PS2 would not be able to get any DLC, that and because I saw how different the releases of GH3 were between the PS2 and Xbox 360 were. If I was going to Rock Band it up, I would need the right equipment to do it.

    So I try to save up so I can afford both the Xbox and big box o' Rock Band, however car repairs held me back, I didn't think I'd ever be able to afford it. Santa thought otherwise. Xmas at my dad's that year was without a doubt, the best that has ever happened, or ever will. I go absolutely crazy when I realize that I finally had it. I hook it up at that instant, look up the cheat for all the songs, and blast "Don't Fear the Reaper."

    Of course, I take my spoils with me to college, I've already made a few friends thanks to a couple of local GH3 tournaments, but setting up Rock Band at a few locations would net me more. I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't have had as many friends as I did if not for Rock Band.

    Skip to the release of RB2, I've already preordered, but it will take extra time for it to arrive via Amazon since I had no way to get off of campus. One of my friends was able to get it on release day and brings it over, we get everyone that we can, set it up, and rock for hours. Probably the happiest I had been since, well, the first one came out. By now, I've made it a habit of setting up everything down in the common room, having friends over, and letting anyone that walked by play. My DLC collection was astounding, having a little something for everyone. At one point, the school organized a little Rock Band contest. That was fun.

    In subsequent years, I was able to go to E3 and try out Lego Rock Band, Beatles, and RB3. Harmonix was always my favorite booth to go to as they had friendly people, great games, great setups, just awesome all around. I briefly met HMXHenry and played a song with him on the Pepsi stage, I met Kyle Mercury (who did all the stage setup at the time I believe) who was just awesome to talk to (and confirmed 'Roundabout' from the DS RB3 would be on the main platform), and I met "Windhammer" (aka Ron, aka Beard Guy)

    Probably one of the craziest things I did for Rock Band was getting up at like, 1am on Black Friday, went out into the freezing wind outside of Old Navy so I could grab a copy of Lego Rock Band for free (with $20 purchase).

    You guys all rock. You've made great games, established a great community, and brought tons of people together for the music. Rock on.
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    LiveHomeVideo;4548725 said:
    I remember when I thought that Alive on Medium was insane.

    Oh, actually, me too! Alive, Dani California, and Conventional Lover used to be my favorite songs to play on Medium :p
  • SheSaidSheSaidSheSaidSheSaid Washed Up
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    TehBanStick;4548744 said:
    Obligatory Bladder of Steel post:

    I actually took the day off of school and decided then would be the best time for BoS.
    I grabbed a couple water bottles and a pack of saltines then went at it on Expert Guitar. The rest is history.

    Anyone who did Bladder of Steel above Medium has my utmost respect. I could have passed 83 of the 84 songs on Hard, and probably 80 or so on Expert, but all I ever had to show for myself was the stupid Vinyl Artist icon. I wanted the gold one badly :(
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    Another good memory was right after RB1 came out (before I had it) I remember going to Best Buy and seeing that they had it set up so I played Say It Ain't So and Tom Sawyer on hard guitar. And after I finished I realized that a small crowd gathered around.
  • GNFfhqwhgadsGNFfhqwhgads 99% Washed Up
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    hmxhenry;4548670 said:
    When did you first play RB?
    When I bought it. Caught a glimpse of it in like, Game Informer or something, split it with my sister for Christmas. I had never touched Guitar Hero before(sorry), and my sister made me play drums so she could do her Medium guitar. I was on drums before guitar because of that, but as time wore my drums down, I went to guitar, and that's my main instrument now simply because it's the only one I'm any good at(piss poor at vocals) that has working instruments(recently got an RB2 kit on the cheap and the red pad is broken ALREADY).
    When did you know you were hooked?
    Honestly, when I started playing. I played on my own far more than her, and eventually she fell out of playing entirely, because once the novelty wore off for her, it just became a lot of music she wasn't a huge fan of. She'll still pick out a few songs she likes, or throw out a request, when she visits and I happen to be playing, but I've only seen her play once or so in the last few years.

    I, on the other hand, am the type of person you guys were aiming for with these games. Enjoy the music, enjoy games, lefty so a guitar is lolexpensive(seriously, at least double right off the bat simply for it to be built lefty). I can just keep buying DLC(when I have money), and if I ever get bored, I can switch instruments.
    Meet any friends through RB?
    People here, yeah. People in my area, not so much. There's certainly people I've associated with around it, but they were already acquaintances at the least.
    Discover any new bands through RB?
    So many. I never explored music on my own before then, so outside of a few 'Oh THAT!' moments with stuff I'd heard my parents play(quite a few of which were found on the Rock Band 2 setlist, so thanks for that), I was pretty much diving in with no floaties. Turns out that the inexperience probably saved me from falling into a radio rock mentality, so most of what you put out is, at the very least, intriguing to me.

    As a sidenote, my most enjoyable memory is probably finally getting the Time We Had guitar FC(that green to red hammer-on is brutal) after working my way through all four guitar difficulties. Well, starting Expert. The first time I ever beat Green Grass and High Tides on Expert guitar was THE NIGHT before Rock Band 2 came out, and Lord of the Strings is probably one of my favorite Achievements. Thanks to skill-building and the magics of Breakneck Speed, it only took me a week to pass Visions on Rock Band 2, and NOW I can play Visions and five-star it every time. I'm not the best guitarist(don't path at all since guitar builds don't agree with lefties), but I'm definitely the best locally, and Rock Band 3 sets me at top 2%(which is score, not proficiency, so damn pathing bites me in the ass).
  • WillDrum4FoodWillDrum4Food Opening Act
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    dog037;4548763 said:
    I bought Rock Band 1 in March 2008 and enjoyed it.

    You describe it so vividly, I feel like I was there with you. :p
  • DonBazookaDonBazooka Unsigned
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    The summer after Rock Band first came out, the full band bundle was waiting for me when I got back from college. My friends and I were still really into Guitar Hero at the time, and the thought of having a full band had us giddy like schoolgirls. Already finished with our Junior year, this was one of the last summers we would have as a group, and we spent many nights rocking out into the wee hours of the morning. One night, however, stands out.

    On this particular night we had a larger than average group together. A girl with whom I had recently struck up a sort of long distance relationship was visiting for the first (and, as it would turn out, only) time, and my friends were all there to meet her, play video games and generally make asses of themselves for her amusement. One of my friends decided that he was going to serenade us with an inspired vocal performance in Rock Band. Our amusement quickly turned to concern when he selected "Creep" by Radiohead. We were not prepared for what followed.

    My friend started singing in a haunting monotone that was still somehow on key (he's a musician, after all). The creepy voice was bad enough, but things took a turn for the worse when he shifted his gaze away from the lyrics on the screen and instead stared at the unwilling recipient of his little performance. Only it wasn't the girl he was staring at; it was me.

    Never breaking eye contact for even a second--and never faltering in his singing--he slowly slunk to the ground and started crawling toward me. Mesmerized by his unwavering gaze, I saw neither jest or any sort of human emotion; in his eyes I saw only an insatiable hunger. Unable to flee, I retreated into the girl's arms and watched in horror as my friend methodically snaked his way around the drums, inching ever closer.

    As the music swelled to a crescendo, he grasped my leg and started pulling himself up onto the couch we were sitting on--all the while, his soulless eyes on the object of his misguided adoration. At the height of his madness, right as his face was mere inches from mine, the music died down, and he slowly backed down and let go of me. He finished the rest of the song sitting in a dejected slump on the ground, his eyes still firmly fixed upon mine. It was one of the most traumatic and hilarious incidents in my life.

    Bonus story: When my friend (not the scary one) and I bought Rock Band 2, we started out by playing through the campaign mode. We were about to start the final song in one of our setlists when we suddenly got a prompt asking us if we wanted to abandon our last song and shoot a music video sponsored by Hot Topic instead. Without even pausing to consider the situation, I agreed and we proceeded to deliver a spirited rendition of "That's What You Get" by Paramore. At the end of the song, my friend turned to me with a concerned look and said, "Did we just sell out?" Yes, we had sold out. And it was glorious. That was the first time we had heard Paramore, and we quickly grew to love the band. A few years later, I won tickets to a Paramore concert, and we actually got to see them perform live. It would turn out to be one of the last shows they did before the Farro brothers left the band.

    Happy Birthday, Rock Band.
  • jeccanekojeccaneko Headliner
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    Rock Band is the game that I have played for the longest length of time and the most hours of any other video game that is out there. Some people get addicted to MMOs like WoW. I could never get into those. But Rock Band is like my WoW. I play all instruments (standard and pro) and I'm constantly striving to get better. Rock Band has helped me discover lots of great music, both new and old. Rock Band has encouraged me to start learning how to play a real instrument (guitar).

    Rock Band is easily my favorite video game franchise of all time and I've been playing games for over 20 years now. Heck, Rock Band isn't even a video game. It is its own separate hobby from "regular" gaming.
  • skyp1eskyp1e Road Warrior
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    How could I, a neophyte add to this? My first ever exposure to any rhythm game was a demo system at Microcenter, a computer store on Long Island. This was like three years ago. I picked up the plastic guitar and tried it out, frowned (being honest here) and forgot about it. I was very unimpressed.

    Then close to my 46th birthday this past April, I stumbled across some youtube videos that showcased how Rock Band 3 used an actual Keyboard and I was enthralled. My wife wanted to get me something special for my birthday and offered to get me an Ipad. I suggested that she get me a game console (I didn't know which one yet, just knew I would need one to play RB3) and Rock Band 3 along with a keyboard controller instead.

    At first I figured I would be content with only the keyboard and the game. Then I found that calibration was an issue for me and picked up a wireless legacy guitar so that I could auto calibrate. It wasn't long before I discovered (with the help of my kids) the charm of GRYBO and even though I hardly play five lane I understand the appeal now.

    One legacy guitar became two. Then a microphone, followed by portable drum pads, which evolved into a full blown pro kit for my son's birthday. I also purchased the Mustang for myself so I could relearn the guitar (which has been nothing short of AMAZING btw, thank you so much HMX for succeeding where live instructors failed!).

    Thanks to a contest another PRO Mustang waits in my bedroom closet to be gifted to my daughter on her upcoming birthday. My wife will sing when coaxed (strange that she needs pushing to sing the game but will rattle the windows in the car).

    In the few short months since the end of March (yes I pushed for the whole setup a bit early :p ), Rock Band has been a vital part of at least mine and my children's lives if not my wife's so far.

    I also intend on inducting my brother and my best friend into the "lifestyle" if I can. My brother because this is just the sort of thing I believe he'd get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from if he gives it a chance and my best friend because if he can get passed his snobbery (he's a guitarist of the highest caliber and the model for the guitar player in my in game band. I have never personally known of anyone that can touch his talent on the instrument and this is saying a lot), I think we could both enjoy the game together. Something I've wanted to do since the first time I played a song on PRO keys. That is to say I've wanted to play PRO keys while he plays PRO guitar. Seems silly when I play real keys while he plays real guitar frequently doesn't it?

    Anyway, that's my silly little tale. Hope it wasn't too dull.
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
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    I went to a family get together and declared I wouldn't make a fool of myself by trying to play RB in front of people. Then, I decided well maybe just one song. That was my first time playing, and that's when I was "hooked". Actually that was my first time playing any vidio games ever. I still play everyday, have all the instruments including Pro instruments, and play them all. I have never had so much fun with music in my entire life, and I've been involved in music my entire life. Thanks HMX and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCKBAND... ROCK ON!!!
  • silenttype01silenttype01 Opening Act
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    I'm a terrible writer so the following is typed out in thoughts :/

    I got the Rock Band PS2 bundle when it came out. I went to a Best Buy to pick up the only copy they had of it and bumped into a girl I knew from middle school. Had I arrived at the store a minute late, the girl would have picked up the only bundle.

    Bought Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP which prompted me to buy Rock Band 2 for the PS2. Last PS2 game I bought was the ACDC track pack.

    I saved up enough money to buy a PS3 and repurchased all of the Rock Band games in May(?) 2010, around the time that the Juanes pack came out. Seeing that the RB1 controllers that I had were very worn out, I bought the Beatles Bundle for $80. Can't really remember the exact price.

    I was old enough to know who Harmonix was when they released Amplitude/Frequency, but had no idea they made a Guitar Hero game until I came across it at Best Buy a year after its release, or so. I followed GH2 and switched over to Rock Band, knowing that I'm a Harmonix was behind the game. And knowing how Activision treated the Tony Hawk games, I knew the same was going to happen with GH.

    I remember when I was playing the drums back in the RB1 days, and The Hand that Feeds by Nine Inch Nails would always murder me on Expert. At that point I had music experience to know the rhythm and syncopation, but the part that would always kill is the ride cymbal on the upbeats while the kick is on the downbeat. Fast forward to now, I can do that song blind-folded.

    My music collection expanded greatly because of Rock Band. Before my exposure to Harmonix, my music collection was the catalog of the Barenaked Ladies, System of a Down, Korn, and some single albums like Audioslave, Evanescence, and Gorillaz. Because of the way Harmonix masters the tracks for gameplay, they tend to sound a lot better than the CD versions, and that turned me into an audiophile. Before Harmonix, I owned about 40 albums. Since my initial exposure to Harmonix, it has increased to 200 albums approx. And they are all physical CDs.

    Unfortunately, I have yet to make friends from playing Rock Band. Here's hoping that'll change in the next four years.

    Looking forward to the next four years with the supposed revamp of the Rock Band franchise.

    The RB1 opening is the best one of the three.
  • JohnWafflesJohnWaffles Unsigned
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    Happy Birthday Rock Band! It's crazy how time flies. But my favorite Rock Band memory is kind of an odd one. But I remember first getting Rock Band and only playing guitar for the longest time. Then one day I tried drums, and I remember failing "Buddy Holly" by Weezer. And for whatever reason, I was hooked. Practiced nonstop for days, and was playing Enter Sandman on expert in a short period of time. I didn't even really think anything of it, but that first encounter with drumming really changed my life.

    I'm sure there are lots of other people with stories like mine, but I eventually moved from the Rock Band kit to real drums. Started a crappy rock band with some friends. But we practiced a lot, wrote a few songs, covered a few songs ("When You Were Young", which I knew how to play because of Rock Band) and eventually got some gigs. It was awesome and we were all having the time of our lives. And I kept playing Rock Band.

    At one gig, the music director at our school saw us and told me to join jazz band. And from there I started drumming in the school jazz band, and eventually joined our church's worship team for Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Drumming, on a real kit or in Rock Band, has become a huge part of my life, a way to deal with stress, sadness, anxiety, anger, everything. So this is just a long and drawn out way of saying thank you so much Rock Band and Harmonix. You guys have gotten me through some tough times and brought many, many memories, really changed my life. And I still play Rock Band regularly, and I plan on always doing so. So Happy Birthday again Rock Band, and here's to many more!
  • Gamers_LeagueGamers_League Banned
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    I started in early 06' w GH 1, but I truly fell in love with your games while playing Co-op on GH2 with my now wife. Our most fav RB memory is when we fn Roadtriped to Columbus, Ohio for the 1st RB Tour. I was the only person playing all instruments, plus singin Paranoid and Detroit Rock City while jammin, good times. The DLC is what keeps me wet and comin back, but as of lately, DLC has been dry as Sh*t!
    Im extremely thankful for your every week commitment to, for the most part, great DLC, but I feel like DLC has not been on par with what HMX can actually do(not including YES, The Doors, Ozzy, Def Leppard, Coldplay, and a few others). Re-release of country track pack 2??? Nickleback, WTF?!? and Rocksmith got Jessica by Allman Brothers Band, WTF?!?! Im not a RS fan by no means, but why not "Eat a Peach" for RB? Id also like to see some more advertising for RB on the Xbox Dashboard or at least a short DLC video preview made up of just gameplay showing off your cool new DLC, cant hurt. Good times to Roll on

    Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin RB

    Henry, I got 3 words for ya........c'mon, C'mon, C'MON
  • coolsnoopy97coolsnoopy97 Rising Star
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    I was originally a Guitar Hero fanatic before a Rock Band fanatic. It took me an entire year to become engrossed with Rock Band after being introduced to Guitar Hero. Strangely enough, the first game I bought was Lego Rock Band, in Dec. 2009, when it was just released. For some reason, I found the setlist more appealing, due to my limited knowledge of music. However, over the subsequent year, I learned much about good music and become fully knowledgeable to the definitions of metal and classic rock.

    Nonetheless, I still didn't pick up another Rock Band game, because I was unsure that my Guitar Hero guitar would function. It wasn't until September 2010 then I learned that it was indeed compatible, and I rushed to Gamestop, purchasing both RB1 and RB2 for cheap prices. Enthralled, I quickly tried to complete the career modes. I finished Rock Band 1 quickly on Expert Guitar until I was stumped on Green Grass and High Tides. I later completed Rock Band 2. You can imagine my pride after beating Painkiller, an achievement for me at the time.

    However, I didn't purchase any DLC, not yet. I was still more focused on Guitar Hero, especially since the setlist of my dreams, GH6, had just released. I was more than disappointed with Rock Band 3's revealed setlist, which postponed me from purchasing it upon release date and instead jotting it down on my Christmas wishlist. But when I got it, it was a decision I would not regret. Despite the shortcomings of the setlist (which I still enjoyed, as I found some gems in the Night Ranger and Dire Straits songs I had been unfamiliar with before), I was enthralled by the awesome new features.

    After finally purchasing some DLC (the 1st Ozzy Osbourne pack and Metallica 01), I was now playing RB3 more frequently then any other rhythm game. Now I have difficulty switching to the Guitar Hero system instead of vice versa! I became a much better player throughout 2011. Beating a song on Expert Guitar had once been an accomplishment. Then 5-starring songs was the new goal. Finally, I'm capable of Gold-starring difficult songs.

    While I have to credit Guitar Hero with introducing me to music for the most part, Rock Band still opened my eyes to some bands. Judas Priest especially was introduced when I played Painkiller at a friend's house, before I even owned the games. Playing Psycho Killer also changed my attitude towards New Wave from hatred to guilty pleasure.

    All-in-all, I have fond memories of Rock Band. Even thought DLC for the last 4 months have been the worst in memory and I've lost all faith for anything good (for my tastes) coming in the future, I still have a relatively large catalog of music to enjoy.
  • MostSpartan14MostSpartan14 Road Warrior
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    I remember not wanting to get Rock Band at first. I was solely focused on GH3. But that was because I first got into rhythm games once GH2 came out on the 360 in early 2007, and that was most definitely an impulse buy (and the best impulse buy I've ever made FYI). So I didn't rally know that much behind the game and the developers. All I knew was that it was the most fun, addictive game that I ever played.

    My brother even asked me at one point if I was gonna get Rock Band and I said no because I thought playing drums was stupid. And then came the day I vividly remember. I was on the day Rock Band came out, and one of the videos was a recording of someone playing Fortunate Son. Now I just clicked on the video without reading what game it was for, and I thought it was a GH3 video. Then I saw it was Rock Band but I watched the video anyway because I liked the song. Even though I like the song, it's no where near my favorite song of all time or anything; but once I saw that video I knew I had to have RB. As you guys may or may not remember, the RB bundles were really hard to find in stores at that time so when my mom found one at Gamestop, she bout it right away. Even though it was supposed to be a Christmas gift, I begged my mom to let me just play it then (I mean, I already knew she had it so it would have been pointless to wait). That first night I played it was one of my best video gaming memories. What made RB even better was that I knew pretty much nothing about it going in, so every single song, feature, etc. was a surprise. Maybe that's why it was so special. Because it was the first and only time I bought a video game, let alone a rhythm game, without knowing anything about it before hand. Of course, the first DLC I bought for it was Fortunate Song, and 1000 songs later it's history.

    I've had so many great memories since then. There's finishing the RB career on expert guitar and drums (damn you Run to the Hills) :)), the whole hype machine leading up to RB2, learning SO many new songs and artists, being completely excited about the AC/DC track pack, playing keys for the first time and today becoming what I consider a decent keyboardist who can play every song on Hard-Expert, and hopefully by the end of this year getting the pro-guitar and diving in to that.

    But by far the BEST Rock Band memory was everything about TB:RB. I remember the Apple-HMX partnership being announced in October 2008. At the time I was a little annoyed because I thought of the Beatles as an "old person" band and didn't even want to give them a chance. But at the same time I knew this was a big deal. And eventually, as news got out that there wouldn't be an RB3 that year I decided to give the Beatles a chance. I downloaded the Beatles 1 album on to my iPod one day and that night I just lied down in my room alone and played the album not really knowing what to expect other than Hey Jude. I was truly one of the most unique feelings I've ever had in my life and one I will never forget, and I'm not exaggerating. Thee was just something about those songs and listening to them for the first time that was just magical. I can't explain it or why the Beatles have the power on people, but I think everyone knows that feeling I'm talking about. It's a feeling that I wish I could go back and relive.

    And the hype just kept coming. There was that teaser site that HMX put u[ a few weeks before E3 that just showed Abbey Road along with some sound effects. It was so simple yet it got me so hyped. And of course there was that memorable moment watching the Microsoft E3 press conference live on tv, as it started with a video showing a cartoony skyline, slowly panning down, me wondering what game it was. And then I heard the end of Twist and Shout and immediatly knew what it was. The preceding intro trailer and first gameplay trailer for the game made me **** bricks with excitement.

    I don't think ever had such an emotional connection to a game as a did with TB:RB. From almost shedding a tear the first time I was the Here Comes the Sun dreamscape to my mom hearing my play While My Guitar Gently Weeps and revealing to me how George Harrison and Billy Preston were her favorite musicians of all time. And we preceded to sit down for a few hours, just the two of us, and watch some of their youtube videos and then listen to a vinyl copy of The Concert for Bangladesh which my mom revealed to me that she had. It was just great.

    And it's all thanks to HMX, so thank you so much. I've had so many great memories over the past four years thanks to RB. This past year especially has been VERY tough for me personally, having lost (or almost lost) several family members and close friends, RB has definitely helped me get through it. From The Beatles to Foo Fighters. From Jimi Hendrix to The Clash. From Stevie Wonder to Coldplay. So much great music and so many great memories. Here's to Rock Band (and Harmonix) for years to come...
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    Going through my ipod, i found about 10-20 bands that i got into after playing their songs in RB. Some of them, i knew of some of their songs. Some i had not heard any of their songs. I've played these games with my family and friends. The Beatles Rock Band was the first RB game i owned/played. I love the images and gameplay. Rock Band is the only game series that i have spent/will spend so much money on, and i'm okay with that because i love it so much.
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    DonBazooka;4548862 said:

    He finished the rest of the song sitting in a dejected slump on the ground, his eyes still firmly fixed upon mine. It was one of the most traumatic and hilarious incidents in my life.
    Boy, if I had a nickel for every homoerotic moment I've had at a Rock Band party...
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    I first played Rock Band in 2007. I had just gotten a PS3 and Guitar Hero 3. I didn't really care for Rock Band back then because my friends were all better than me at Guitar Hero, so I spent all of my time honing my plastic guitar skills. I occasionally played Rock Band 1, but not nearly enough. My PS3 then died and I got an Xbox 360 (best thing that ever happened to me). My parents replaced all of my games for it including both Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band (looking back on that, that must have been EXPENSIVE for them). Then I went into Gamestop and saw a video of "When You Were Young" and I was like, "I wish I could sing that song, but it's only on Guitar Hero.." and then I saw a sign that said various bands including The Killers were on Rock Band and I was like "what!??? Rock Band has more than like 10 songs?!!" because I hadn't played the tour mode at ALL! Only Quickplay. That was when I started actually playing.

    I hated the drums because they were so hard, all I wanted to do was throw them every time I played them. I eventually got jealous because one of my friends were good at the drums, so I learned them and started playing like medium. Unfortunately, at this point, I was still a Guitar Hero junkie and was super excited for GH:WT. I made fake setlists for it hoping that it would come out and be awesome.... and it was horrible. This is when I made the full on switch to Rock Band.

    I knew at this point, I was hooked! I didn't get Rock Band 2 right when it came out, but a couple of days afterward. I played RB2 like nobody's business. Rock Band didn't just become an outlet for me to escape my life into - it opened up my world. I started actually LISTENING to music. I now heard all of the music I was listening to, not just the guitar and some of the words. RB1, 2, and 3 all opened new parts of my mind and allowed me to hear the music I was listening to for what it really was.

    Crazy stories??? Well... some might say that I recently did some some underage drinking and that I excellently roared out the vocals to "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" while my boyfriend was recording me, but those people are just liars! Other than that, my friends just constantly picking "Du Hast" to purposefully make fun of the German lyrics might be considered 'crazy' but nothing too crazy.

    Memories.... like.... sitting in my living room spending 6 and half hours of non-stop RB2 with my mother telling me to go to bed and me begging her not to let me so that I can finish the endless setlist? Oh, the Bladder of Steel was so gratifying. What about standing in Walmart playing Rock Band with total strangers watching me as I played "Peace Sells", "The Middle", and "Man in the Box" on Expert Guitar/Drums? The feeling it gave me is somewhat indescribable. I also remember how excited I was for RB3. I think everyone around me would've liked to kill me. I also remember being so mad that everyone at Gamestop was buying Fable 3 and not Rock Band 3 at midnight on October 26, 2010.

    I've met a couple friends through RB, but not many really. Would love to meet more though!

    I believe I discovered over 50% of the music I know through Rock Band, or at LEAST though the Ultimate Setlist Forum, which is also Rock Band's fault. I believe that The Main Drag is a good example of a band I would NEVER have listened to if not for Rock Band.

    Why do I keep playing? Well, I LOVE music, and it's really HMX's fault. I think I'm going to college to study music, and Rock Band gave me the passion I need. I recently wrote a paper for my English class. The topic was "The Most Important Thing That Ever Happened to Me". Rock Band definitely was the most important thing. Rock Band allowed me to discover myself AND provided me with an escape in music. If not for Rock Band, I would never have immersed myself in music as I have now, and I would be lost! Rock Band has been much more than a game, it's been a tool for me! A building block or a character giver! I love this game and want to play it for as long as I possibly can. Nothing else has honestly impacted me more than this game.

    My favorite days of the week are Fridays and Tuesdays, and Rock Band is one of the very few games I actually play on my 360. I spend most of my time annoying my classmates about the new DLC or how they should come over and play RB with me. They say they will but they never do. That's been okay though. I really prefer playing by myself because I don't see so many greyed out songs :'(. Rock Band will forever be in my heart.

    Viva la Rock Band!
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    I came into music games late. I coworkers telling me how great Guitar Hero was. I was leery (even though I love music) because I didn't want to blow the money on a guitar when they were expensive. The convinced me to play Frets on Fire with a keyboard. I loved it.l
    So then one of them lent me a GH guitar and that was fun.

    So bought GH III (360) and played it with the borrowed guitar. Beat it, but I really didn't like some of the stuff about it (Boss Battles). But I was hooked on the genre. I had to give him his guitar back, and it was late November, so I bought Rock Band with Guitar.

    First thing I noticed is that I really really liked the guitar design. I loved the recessed keys and such. So I played through the single player mode, and loved it. Started buying DLC immediately. Found a cheap second hand Mic and did vocals, and started a new career because the game wouldn't track the songs by instrument. Did the same on Bass. Then I bought a used Drum set and did it again on Drums.

    By the time I bought Rock Band 2 - I had played and beat (at least on Medium) every song once on each instrument.

    With Rock Band 2 I got a new guitar, and a new set of drums. When there was Tour mode for solo play, I really spent a lot of time at the game (the immersion/band story/rock career emulation was something I really liked. It was playing during RB 2 that I finally got good at expert and actually started Gold Starring some songs. And my DLC library got huge.

    At that time I had friends who wanted to try, and for the first time did full band. That was fantastic - my love will always be single player but the energy of band play was cool.

    Got every RB game that came out - Lego, Beatles, a number of Track Packs, Green Day.

    I actually learned how to sing. I always had to play on easy on vocals in RB 1 because I'd fail out. But I learned how to hear myself make mistakes and see how that showed on the game. So I improved as a singer.

    Had a friend (the same one who played band play occasionally) say "He went from someone functionally tone deaf to a pretty decent singer" Pretty accurate too.

    I have spend more time playing the various Rock Band games than any other video game franchise in the history of my playing video games (and I started with a solid state pong home game - before there were tricky things like Cartridges for the games).

    All in all, I've learned about many new bands, enjoyed music more, learned how to sing, and all in all had a happier life because of this game.
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    Oh the nostalgia... I bought the first Rock Band the day it came out. I was working at Wal-Mart at the time. I took my lunch break at midnight, bought the bundle, and then headed home with two of my friends to play it a bit. We didn't make it back to work on time... Longest lunch break I ever took...

    As a few of you already mentioned, the endless setlist in RB2 was also pretty special. I played expert vocals, by myself. Going into it, there were a handful of songs I had never five-starred before. About six and a half hours later, I came out of it with the BOS trophy, my platinum icon, and I even managed to five star every song along the way, for a perfect star run! I was so excited, I called up one of my friends (though I could barely speak at the time) and told him about it at around 4 in the morning! A few days later, my PS3 got the YLOD...

    Since Rock Band came out, I've bought every single DLC song, and I still look forward to it every Tuesday. Four years since the original title, and I still play Rock Band (3) more than any other game by far. A big thanks to the guys and gals at Harmonix for making the greatest video game of all time! I can't wait to see what you all have in store for the next one!
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    IN 2009 Harrah's Reno and Tahoe had a contest each sunday. The winner each night won free bottle service at the Vex nightclub at Harrah's Tahoe. We won about 7 weeks. One week at Tahoe we played Let there be Rock. At the end, during the BRE I jumped off the stage and ran through the crowd like a madman. On the last week of competition, we did Master Exploder. At the end of the song I pretended to faint. I almost got kicked out of the casino for that stunt.
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    I've been a (mostly) amateur musician/songwriter most of my life. I am ashamed to say that I was once one of the musician-types that would stick thier nose up at the idea of playing fake toy instruments. Then my girlfriend came home with The Beatles: Rock Band band bundle one day. I rolled my eyes. She insisted I play guitar while she sang. I rolled my eyes some more but grabbed the Hofner bass just to humor her. She picked her favorite song, Twist and Shout. I chose medium and had at it, thinking it would be easy having played guitar for over 30 years. I failed pretty miserably. It took me a few tries and I finally made it thru the entire song. I was ecstatic about those lowly three stars on medium, and I realized I had just had the most fun playing a video game I had probably ever had. I kept playing long after my girlfriend had gotten tired and gone to bed. The next day I gobbled up both Rock Band and Rock Band 2 and I haven't looked back since, nor regretted a dollar spent on the games, instruments or DLC. The only regret I have is not getting the games sooner because I was such a musical snob. Happy Birthday, Rock Band. I certainly hope there are many more to come.
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    First time Ever Playing Rock Band 2 at friends house .. Paramore - That's what you Get ... made me fall in Love with the Rock band Franchise
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    Lord_Mhoram;4548946 said:
    I came into music games late.


    So bought GH III (360)

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