Something Odd About Chevy Holiday Commercial

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Okay, perhaps the political correctness of society today has finally integrated itself into my psyche, or this commercial is a bit too "ehhhh." The commercial I'm talking about is the Chevrolet Holiday commercial with the guy who looks like Santa Claus who ate the plate of cookies that were left out on the table in the kitchen space. He does a Santa laugh and says "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought they were left out there for me." Then other workers say "You must be busy this time of year", etc. etc.

"Santa" goes "Yeah, it's been pretty hectic this year with all the great deals and packages." They then talk about the Chevy deals this year and the actual advertising part of the commercial. They get back to the employees in the lounge and the Santa guy goes "I got to get going. Got a whole dash of white customers out there!"

I fully know this isn't an intentionally offensive thing, but man, they really shouldn't have worded it like that. I just wonder if anybody else picked up on that. :p


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