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Pretty much all I play is drums in pro mode for rock band, and just recently got my drum set and starting getting dlc. I'm wondering why all the rock band network tracks say they have "pro mode" , but yet several of the tracks I've played have no tom hits... but instead use cymbal icons when there should be toms?? :(
I wouldn't have bought the tracks if I had known this. For example I loved the Band Of Skulls "I know what I am" track in guitar hero... but in rock band 3 all the tom fills show up as cymbals.
Are there pro upgrades for these tracks to fix this? Or some other solution I don't know of? Forgive me, I'm still actually new to rock band and these forums.


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    There are a lot of early RBN songs that don't have pro drums correctly charted (more specifically, all the toms will show up as cymbals if you play them in Pro mode). This is because at the start of RBN, back before RB3 was announced, authors were not told to chart tom markers pro drums. Once Harmonix announced RB3 and pro drums, (most) authors started charting them immediately.

    You can find a fairly good listing of which RBN songs have pro drums charted correctly at DLCQuickplay. Just search for the song you want and you can see the pro drums icon for those which do have pro drums or a crossed-out icon for those which do not, with the exception of RBN2.0 songs (from February this year onwards) which all have pro drums.
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    Prior to around July, I believe, RBN authors did not know about Pro Drums and were not instructed on how to mark tom hits. All gems show up as cymbals by default unless turned off by tom markers, and as such most pre-July RBN songs don't have Pro Drums. (Some songs never had toms in the audio and as such are accurate by default.)

    Not all songs post-July have them either, due to either the inability to test them (we only had RB2 and thus couldn't fail out any Pro Drum errors) or authors simply not marking them for whatever reason.

    Every song released on and after March 15, 2011, however, has Pro Drums since it can now be tested in-game for proper authoring, and every new song today has Pro Drums.

    This thread was kept to track songs with proper Pro Drums. I don't think all Pro Drums enabled songs were listed, but this should steer you towards songs that have been properly authored.

    The reason the game displays a track as having Pro Drums whether it's accurate or not is because the game displays the same difficulty automatically for drums and Pro Drums. It does the same with Vocals and Harmonies and is beyond author's control. The game won't dismiss songs without tom markers because some songs simply don't have toms (like Creatures ov Deception).

    There's no way to fix old tracks unless authors release an RB3 Version of the song, which would be a separate purchase from the old track. RBN tracks can't be patched.

    I hope this answered all your questions. Welcome to the forums!
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    Harmonix could fix it in various ways so that they don't offer pro drums where it's inappropriate (any combination of methods such as scanning the chart for tom markers, checking the chart's publish date, checking against a list of known-pro songs), but they haven't decided it was a big enough problem to work on.
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    Thanks so much for the info!! I did not know about the DLCquickplay site, nor that thread which lists just about all of the known RBN 1.0 tracks that are fully supported (pro drums) with Rock Band 3. So far there's only a few songs that I've gotten that do not work correctly, so I can use these lists to check before I buy :) all your help has been much appreciated, thank you!! and maybe in the future some of the authors will re-release their tracks in a Rock Band 3 version. I would love to get the Clutch and Five Finger Death Punch tracks in RB3 with working pro drums! :D
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