Any holiday music in the pipeline?

LuigiHannLuigiHann Stormtrooper
edited December 2011 in The Rock Band Network
Just curious. Haven't seen much sign of it in the forum, though I haven't been keeping tabs on all the threads like I used to. There's been some discussion of the concept of Christmas stuff on RBN in the main forum, but I haven't seen any specifics mentioned. And I suppose this would be the time when they'd have to be in late playtesting or review if they want to come out in time to be topical.

Seems like a lot of old Christmas standards would be pleasant to play on keyboard, especially if recorded in a Charlie-Brown-Christmas-ish jazz arrangement (though of course those specific arrangements are copyrighted, one could do something along those lines). Something like the Christmas Rock Medley from last year would be great too.

It's a shame that Sleigh Ride is evidently not in the public domain. Oh well.

But yeah, is there any seasonal stuff coming out that I might have missed an announcement, or that somebody might care to announce?


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