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Alt-Strum Production Previews and Videos

Hi there, most of you do know me as ASPMike. Well on YouTube and our company Facebook i sign as "ASP Video Staff". I've gotten the ok to start up a thread as a marketing experiment to get the community involved. :)

Essentially this is free marketing for us and our content as well as you guys and gals and your YouTube channels. We'll be posting any previews and any videos we find here. It's not just us posting videos, you guys can too! Post your FC's and/or your best play throughs. Whatever floats your boat.

Basic rules are as follows:
- No request.
- Only post videos of our songs ( Which is anything with the Alt-Strum Productions author tag). Sorry if this sounds a bit egotistical. But the title says what to post.

That's it for now (i think, haha).

When you post a video off your own or anyones channel please be kind to leave al link to yours or their page. Also, if you are having a hard time figuring out what songs are ours we have an up to date list on our website (link below)

Main Thread: Alt-Strum News and Releases
Facebook: Alt-Strum Productions
Youtube: ASPRBN


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