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I'm new to rock band and i waas wondering what instrument is the easiest to learn or is the most fun to play. Please Reply


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    Well it just depends. I mean I really like guitar and bass...but then I really like to drum when the mood hits me, and I also like to sing when it's a song I really like. I'll bust the keys out for something different, but I haven't taken to them like I have the other instruments.

    I'd say the 'easiest' to learn would be vocals, because everyone can sing on easy.

    But which one provides the most fun? Entirely up to what you like. I'd say that guitar and drums are by far the two favored instruments.
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    It depends on who you are.

    Vocals may be the easiest to learn. The other 4 can be on equal footing, with bass slightly behind guitar. Pro instruments are the hardest by far.

    As for fun, people seem to say that Drums and Guitar are the most fun. But then again, Vocals has its own reward. Bass is just guitar, and keys....well, keys is new. I wouldn't take my opinion on it.
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    The leadersboards suggest that drums and guitar are the most popular.
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