Fun 2x Bass Pedal Songs on 360?

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Hey, I've been looking out the past couple months for really fun, but not super fast 2x Bass Pedal songs to be released. If you find any that are fun and have mid speed bass pedal lines, like Magnolia by Texas In July, please leave a post. Thanks everyone!! :)


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    Well this song has some slowish double bass if your interested in that ;). Id check out some Amberian Dawn or Megalodon by Mastodon and I know Halcyon Way has some 2x bass songs. I don't know lots of 2x bass songs that arent really fast though...
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    If I can make a couple recommendations/shameless plugs..

    We have two songs by Broken Equilibrium and one by Shylo Elliott that might fit your description. The Broken EQ songs have decent-speed double bass in bursts or sections and are among the easier of the 2x Bass Pedal songs, and Shylo's track is an exercise in limb independence, as the kicks form their own pattern.

    Check out this video to see if they're your style.

    I won't recommend the last song in the video for three reasons:

    -It will absolutely destroy you on drums
    -We have an RB3 version and an RB3 2x Bass Pedal version of it coming soon, so if you like the song anyway I'd suggest waiting for that
    -It will absolutely destroy you on drums

    We also have more Broken Equilibrium in the pipeline with 2x versions of varying intensities so keep an eye out for those too.

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    Halcyon Way songs are some of my favorite for double bass pedal although a couple of their songs do have crazy fast double bass.
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    Here's our Youtube page where you can see our double bass songs that are up and in production.

    If you're really angry at your legs and want to kill them I suggest Farewell Mona Lisa 2x.

    I can't even do the standard version on expert.

    The 2x version just makes me X_x
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