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I've been really into this band called Tonight Alive lately.
For those of you who like Paramore, We Are The In Crowd, and Neo Geo, I think you'll love this.

They recently signed to Fearless Records, and I wanted to know if someone could try to get them through the label. I know that Fearless works with RBN, I just don't remember which author they go through. They have acts such as Blessthefall, A Skylit Drive, and Motionless In White. Nearly everyone on their lineup has appeared on RBN at some point.

Could someone possibly look into this for me? I'd greatly appreciate it!
Thank you!

EDIT: Sorry if I was unclear on the question, I was looking for which authoring group worked on the songs for Fearless Records


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    We're working with them at the moment, but they have used multiple groups.

    I'll have our contact ask about the band (though I do know they are more interested in releasing newer stuff since it's already in digital form). So if what you're looking for is from 2011 then there's a good chance.
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    to answer the question: 5 authoring groups have worked with fearless in the past.

    Currently, TAG is working with them to bring two tracks from Blessthefall's new album to the game.

    We will be working with them to bring at least 5 other songs to the game, but I am not announcing which songs until they are either ready for playtesting or fearless wants me to announce them.

    All I will say, is that there's a good chance you'll see some Tonight Alive coming, and that I've sent a request to our contact on your behalf :)
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    Wow, thank you very much guys :]
    Great news.

    Yeah, they're new, 2011 new, so i'll probably be in luck.
    I'm excited :]
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