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My friend sent me a link to this song.. expecting to not like it [i just get the urge to never click links to music...] i said "Ok i'll give it a go"..
He sent me
Of Monsters & Men- Little Talks
I fell in love from the beginning to the end. Perfect Harmonies

I don't know if it's possible to get them.

ALBUM with the above song:


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    Sorry to rain on the parade of spreading good music around, but this isn't really what this forum is for. You've created a few other threads like this before, and these kinds of things would really be better suited for the Your Ultimate Setlist forum if you'd like to post about them. Otherwise, feel free to directly contact the band and tell them about RBN (or directly contact an authoring group who may want to contact the band).

    I know you have the best of intentions, but it's preferable to keep the threads in this forum on-topic. It's best for the threads here to be about bands announced for (or already in) the RBN since this kind of thread isn't really RBN news at this point.

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