2011 holiday schedule notes

HMXLachesisHMXLachesis Harmonix Alum
edited December 2011 in The Rock Band Network
Hi, everyone!

I've got a few notes for you on our holiday schedule as it applies to RBN content.

1) No RBN songs will be released to the in-game store between 12/23 and 1/2. This applies to both Xbox and PS3.

PS3 users: your content is delayed, not missing - so there will be 10 songs on 1/3.

Xbox users: as always, we recommend against purchasing songs until they are available in the in-game store. However, I know that won't stop some of you, so - caveat emptor, and rock on.

2) The email queues for creators.rockband.com support will not be reliably monitored between 12/23 and 1/2. If something goes wrong, I'll try to get back to you by the end of the day on 1/3. (This does not affect our normal support queue - only RBN support.)

3) We created the Rock Band Network because we had a dream, but you're the people who keep this dream alive every single day. Whenever you play an RBN song, or purchase an RBN song, or tell a musician about the RBN, or tell one of your friends about the great band you found through the RBN... you are making a difference.

Happy holidays to an amazing community.



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