I just contacted a Band through Twitter!

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Last night I was on Twitter and I made a new friend. His name is Matt Dally and he is the Bass Player and Rapper of a band known as

(Check out their song "Stand in the Rain" which is now available Rock Band.)

I followed him last night on Twitter and he responded back to me. Then I tweeted back to him if he heard of RBN and if he would want more songs on Rock Band. He responded he has heard of RBN and would be interested in having more songs on Rock Band. I then tweeted back to him some info and web-links for RBN. I also showed him links to the "The Authority" website and gave him some info about what they do.
He then tweeted he would check it out and keep me posted.

If you would what to see the tweets follow my Twitter account

or follow Matt Dally's account

Is anyone else looking forward to the possibility of more Superchick songs coming to Rock Band?


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