In search of a drum author

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Dangit, meant to post with my GigakoopsRBN profile. Oh well, just read.

Hello, I'm in need of a drum author who's good at authoring drum parts with only one stem. I usually do everything myself, but recently my laptop's headphone jack broke off, and I kind of suck at authoring drums without either separate stems or headphones.

The drum author must also be musically open, and must also be good at keeping secrets. Some of these songs haven't been released by the bands yet. In these cases, though, I'll only send you the drum stems.

I'll be willing to split up to one third of my earnings from these songs.


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    Maybe I could help out if I didn't have 3 songs to work on. (One being in playtesting, and the other's almost finished, so I mean 1 1/3 songs at the moment.) I've had practice authoring songs with only one audio, and I have a good ear, so I might be able to help.
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