Official Discussion Thread: DLC Week of 12/31 - Rush's 2112!

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hmxhenry;4578729 said:
Hey gang,

Harmonix today announced that Rush’s ambitious seven-part suite “2112” will come to the Rock Band™ Music Store of downloadable content for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Wii™.

In 1976, legendary Canadian rock trio Rush released their groundbreaking fourth studio album, 2112. With its opening track – a 20-minute, seven-part suite known as “2112” – Rush painted a picture of a sci-fi world in the midst of a revolution, controlled by technology. An alternate take of this epic suite, largely considered one of the most important pieces in progressive rock, comes to Rock Band just in time for the New Year.

“2112” will be offered as three separate playable packages: one combines “Overture” and “The Temple of Syrinx”; the second features “Discovery” and “Presentation”; and the final track brings “Oracle: The Dream,” “Soliloquy,” and “Grand Finale.”

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players have the option to purchase the single Rush “2112” pack, which features all three of the above tracks, as well as one, 20-minute marathon medley of all seven parts of the suite, exclusively available in this special pack. Additionally, as a bonus, players will receive Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrades for all three packages, as well as a Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrade for the medley for free!

Available on Xbox 360 (December 31, 2011), and PlayStation and Wii (January 3rd, 2012)

• Rush – “2112: Overture, The Temple of Syrinx” X
• Rush – “2112: Discovery, Presentation” X
• Rush – “2112: Oracle: The Dream, Soliloquy, Grand Finale” X

(These tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation®3 system January 18th)

The tracks will be available as “Rush ‘2112’”with all tracks available for purchase individually on Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 system and Wii™. Tracks marked with “X” will offer Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for $0.99 per song.


$5.49 USD, £2.49 UK, €3.99 EU (440 Microsoft Points, 550 Wii Points™) for the “Rush ‘2112’” pack
$1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU (160 Microsoft Points, 200 Wii Points™) per song
$0.99 USD (100 Wii Points™/80 Microsoft Points), £0.59 UK, €0.79 EU per song for eligible Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade

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** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change. **

To discuss this DLC please visit the official discussion thread in the Rock Band forum.

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hmxhenry;4578730 said:
As announced last week, Rock Band Network releases are on hiatus for the holidays. However, community authors are still moving content through the pipeline, and we'll release all approved content on Thursday, January 5 of the new year.

Be sure to pay EXTRA close attention to the release info (dates, pricing, bundling options, etc) since the holiday / first party release specifications make this week a bit more varied than usual. Discuss!


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