Best RBN songs for drums?

AkuryuAkuryu Rising Star
edited January 2012 in The Rock Band Network
Hello! I'm trying to find some really fun RBN songs specifically for drums. I'm not the greatest drummer in the world. I do not typically enjoy insanely hard metal songs. I play regular drums on expert (no pro, so RBN 1.0 is fine)

Some of my favorite drums songs from regular DLC are:

Wolf Loke Me
Treat Me Like Your Mother
Mountain Man
Many Shades of Black
Naked Eye
Any of The Killers
Any of The Fratellis
Any Foo Fighters
Any Wolfmother

Anyway, that's sorta my speed/taste, but I'm willing to give anything a try. Looking for songs that are fun... Maybe unique... Challenging but manageable. If you are a drummer with a few favorite RBN songs, lemme know and I'll check them out =)


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