My Rock Band 4 Setlist

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Here's my construction of a RB4 setlist. I feel it has some really good hits in there and then some "off the beaten path" songs (unless you are the biggest Indie Rock fan). Hope ya enjoy, it contains 86 songs.

^ - Denotes Keys
* - Denotes Harmonies

60's: 7 Songs
Sugar, Sugar^* - The Archies (Pop-Rock)
Sympathy For The Devil^* – The Rolling Stones (Classic Rock)
21st Century Schizoid Man^* – King Crimson (Prog) (Trumpet on Keys)
Cousin Kevin* – The Who (Classic Rock)
Hit The Road Jack^* - Ray Charles (R&B/Soul/Funk)
My Girl^* - The Temptations (R&B/Soul/Funk) (Horns to Keys)


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