Why is the Rock Band Network restricted to only a very limited amount of countries?

AtheneWon360AtheneWon360 Unsigned
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I live in Australia and can't get Rock Band Network songs. Why the hell not? People abuse me and kick me from online games because I have no RBN songs.


  • ThatAuthoringGroupThatAuthoringGroup Numero Uno Super **** Fanboy #1
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    Because of XNA. Microsoft's XNA is what the RBN runs on, so places that don't have XNA access can't get RBN.

    I'd tell you to complain to MS but I don't know what good it will do.

    I do know that people can make second US or UK accounts and get the songs, BUT I don't know the specifics so I'd ask someone more knowledgeable than me first.
  • SirDavidTLynchSirDavidTLynch Headliner
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    Some countries don't get RBN songs because music licensing is complicated, but Australia doesn't have access to XNA games apparently because of laws against unrated content or something like that.

    I find it very hard to believe you regularly get kicked over 1600-song library generally consisting of lesser-known bands. Most people online don't have any common DLC.
  • AtheneWon360AtheneWon360 Unsigned
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    Weird, we do get XNA here, because I had to use it in high school for games development... And yeah I remember when I went to France and bought cheap MS points I had to make a new account for them to work (come on, really!?) and I could download RBN songs... I might complain to Microsoft though about this cause it's really annoying. Thanks for your help guys.
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