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Hey, what's up? I'm just starting this authoring company here. I'm like contacting bands and stuff, so, I'll put info about them here. All my songs that I'm releasing will be in my other thread and all the third-party bands I'm releasing will be here. Sound cool? Okay, here it goes:

~ A Sound of Thunder ~

Songs: TBD
Genre: Metal
Similar Artists: Iron Maiden

~ Bassilysk ~

Songs: Discovery - Preview Video
Genre: Dubstep

~ Beek ~

Songs: Funknium
Circuit Break
Don't Let 'Em
Check (Me Out) Sum
(Robot) Lovers Rock
Genre: Chiptune
Similar Artists: Anamanaguchi

~ Cavities ~

Songs: Bookburner
Old Number 7
Flora, Fauna: Regression
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Similar Artists: Disfear

~ Cheshyre ~

Songs: Full Discorgraphy
Genre: Electronic
Similar Artists: Frog Pocket

~ Chipzel ~

Songs: TBD
Genre: Chiptune

~ Civil Civic ~

Songs: TBD
Genre: Seapunk/Electronic
Similar Artists: Unicorn Kid

~ Community Restoration ~

Songs: Targetted Individual - Gameplay Video (Coming Soon)
More TBD
Genre: Downtempo

~ Damascus ~

Songs: Entire Discography
Genre: Math Rock
Similar Artists: Giraffes? Giraffes!

~ Diederik De Jonge ~

Songs: Seven
You On My Mind
New Red Shoes
Bombora Banshee
Four Hours 'Till Sunrise
Far From Here
That Summer Feeling
Genre: Jazz
Similar Artists: Jerry Martin, Jean Luc-Ponty

~ Hurtdeer ~

Songs: Soul Caught In a Bear Trap
Genre: Drum 'n' Bass

~ Klax ~

Songs: Space Metal, More TBA
Full Albums: Recycle-billy Vol. 1
Genre: Rockabilly


~ Nathaniel Whitlock ~

Songs: Snow Zombies [NSFR Mix]
Genre: Electronic
Similar Artists: The Faint, Ben Lee


~ People. . . Don't Panic ~

Songs: Thug Life
Walking Tall, Falling Short
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Mathcore
Similar Artists: Dance Gavin Dance

~ Peroxwhy?Gen ~

Songs: TBA
Genre: Experimental/Alternative Rock

~ Proventek ~

Songs: Selfish - Gameplay Video (Coming Soon)
Full Albums: W.O.B.
Genre: Industrial Rock
Similar Artists: Killing Joke, Eurythmics


~ The Ravens of Byiva ~

Songs: TBA
Genre: Experimental Electronic

~ Realm of Mind ~

Songs: Fall of The Empire
Violet Sky
The Evolver
They Came From The Future
Lost Wonders
Empty Journal
Genre: Chiptune

~ SNMT ~

Songs: Hellgazing And Bloodlust [Feat. Askari Nari]
Genre: Noise, No-Wave
Similar Artists: Merzbow

~ The Speed of Sound In Sea Water ~

Songs: TBD
Genre: Math Rock
Similar Artists: This Town Needs Guns

~ The Static Din ~

Songs: In The Cool Blue Light
The Ebenezer Gospel Spectacular
LakeShore Lust
Genre: Lo-fi Alternative
Similar Artists: Daniel Johnston

~ Sunnyfield Lane ~

Songs: Antarctica
Full Albums: Upcoming EP
Genre: Folk
Similar Artists: Crosby, Stills, & Nash


~ Venetian Snares ~

Songs: Horsey Noisers
My So-Called Life
Crashing The Yogurt Truck
Genre: Symphonic Breakcore
Label: Planet Mu

~ Xyloid ~

Songs: Caviar
Topaz War
The Monster Inside
Search & Destroy
Genre: Electronic (Chiptune/Seapunk)
Similar Artists: Chipocrite, Fire For Effect

~ Yogurt With Sprinkles ~

Songs: Version 2 - Gameplay Video
Death By Chocolate
Genre: Electronic
Similar Artists: Shylo Elliot, Jaco Leostale


More to be announced (hopefully).


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