Previews of RBN songs on XBox Live not always appearing

ThrovolosThrovolos Unsigned
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Hey guys-

When I go to buy new songs within the Rock Band 3 game, I can ALWAYS listen to previews of songs released by Harmonix.

However, more than 50% of the time, there is no "Preview" link when viewing songs from RBN. Is this a server-thing? Where, if the server is too busy, Previews of RBN are disabled?

It's quite frustrating because
a) I have 100's of songs, so whenever I buy even a single song I have to wait quite a while for the list to get updated on my Xbox 360.
2) Whenever I accept or delete a demo of single song, my entire song list has to get updated, making point 1) even more annoying.
3) The speakers on my computer are pathetic compared to what I have setup for my TV. I don't want to listen to previews on my pathetic laptop. I want to hear what they sound like LOUD.
4) Given 1) & 2) I rarely download a demo. Which means I'd much rather listen to a Preview to decide if I want the song or not. Previews not being available for RBN songs just means I won't buy them.

Help me support Rock Band! :p


  • FairwoodStudiosFairwoodStudios Road Warrior
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    I know you said XBox, and this situation is more known for PS3, but: are there any parental control settings on your machine? It's probably not the cause, but it does prevent PS3 players from getting previews, maybe there's some similar problem for XBox.

    Is this a recent or long-standing situation? If it's recent it could just be servers being wonky, but if you've been having it for a while I'd suspect it's more on your end. (I've never had issues with the option appearing, though sometimes the previews take forever to download.)
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    Are you in the US? Didn't know if you were in a spot where some of the music wasn't available or something.
  • ThrovolosThrovolos Unsigned
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    Hi there-

    Sorry I forget to add relevant information at times.

    I'm in the U.S. This problem has persisted for months.

    Yes I'm an Xbox360 user. I have RB1,2 and 3. I always shop for new songs inside RockBand3, using "Get More Songs". The problem is that there is no Preview link for any RBN song. It's not the the link is grayed out, non-functional, blank space, whatever. It's simply not there at all.

    The problem happens at various times during the day. I haven't kept a record of days/times. As a guess, I'd say that RBN previews are not available >50% of the time. Songs posted by Harmonix ALWAYS have previews.

    Thanks for any help.
  • dragoninforcerdragoninforcer UnWashed
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    I have the same exact problem. I'm in the US and on Xbox as well.
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