cannot redownload Guitar Sounds

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My HD recently died and I've been redownloading all of my music. Guitar Sounds by Ronald Jenkees comes up with an error code. I am going through my previous downloads and have not tried to get it from the game direct. Just thought I'd let you know.


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    LordRavenBaja;4623020 said:
    have not tried to get it from the game direct.
    Well, good thing you made this topic instead.
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    "Now let's all shut up and hear what GNF has to say"
    "Blah blah blah blah blah blah"

    atalkingfish. Truly a genius before his time.

    And yeah, I know this is incredibly off-topic, but it needed saying somewhere.
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    Lowlander2 - you aren't the first to say it, it seems to be a re-occuring theme for GNF. It is hard to say you are straying from topic when every post has to have a comment about GNF's highly enlightening statements.

    He's like a politician, you know he isn't going to have anything important to say, but you feel ignored if he doesn't say anything.

    GNF, do you ever read before you post? The topic clearly says "cannot redownload", informing HMX that there seems to be a problem with the ability to "redownload" the song. It is specific to a topic and describes a problem with a function. If I find that I am unable to download through the game, that will indicate an additional problem. But as always, thank you for providing us with your Mensa-ish enlightenment.
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    Did you try redownloading it through "Download History" on your console?
  • LordRavenBajaLordRavenBaja Mellow Out!!!
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    Yes, that was the purpose of my post. It will not reload from my history, and now I've seen that it is no longer in the marketplace.

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    There are apparently two different threads about this topic, so I'm closing this one (because I saw the other one first.)
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