That Authoring Group request thread

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We've started getting requests for bands all over the place here so I thought I'd try to contain it to one thread.

So if you have bands or artists you'd like us to look into then post it here.

Now keep in mind if they're on a major label like Warner, Sony, Universal, etc, then it just isn't going to happen. And requesting batpoop crazy things like Prince, Pink Floyd or Led Zep isn't going to happen either.

So if you have a favorite band that you'd like in the game that is either unsigned, on a smaller label, or was once on a bigger label and now is on a smaller (or vice versa and we can try to get their smaller label stuff), then post away and we'll see what we can do.

No promises on anything, but we'll give it a shot. And of course it keeps the requests from spilling into the new release threads or there getting to be 100 new threads created for requests :D


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