AGLSolutions is looking for a playtester!

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We're looking for at least one playtester to help us getting our songs "faster" through the pipeline, if you think you have the skills for this do not hesitate to send us an email at [email][/email]. As you know we are focused on Spanish content, this doesn't mean you need to speak Spanish at all!! If you do that'd be awesome.

As our friends at TAG ( and maybe some other authoring company ), we are doing this because we love the game, we want more songs in Spanish in RBN and not as a means of getting filthy rich or even quit your current job / school, etc. However, we have a small cut and we can share that with you if you decide to be part of our group!

Unfortunately, we don't have the means (right now), to pay for a XNA account, so if you are willing to pay your own and join us in this adventure you are more than welcome, later on we can help you pay the membership!

All you need is to know the basics of Rock Band and read the guidelines on how to do a proper playtesting, etc.. And of course you need time.. LOTS OF TIME!

Hope to hear from you!
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