RBN Community Spotlight : February 2012

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OK gang!

The announcement thread starts....NOW!

Since there was a lot of vocal outcry against the past/present/future set up of the thread, then this month we're discarding all formats.

Authors/Groups are free to do and present what they see fit and how the see fit this time around.

So anything goes!

Now saying that we're going to start big!

Well we've been teasing a pretty amazing gothic rock band so we're going to start off with them!

We're happy to announce we're working with Portuguese Goth rock band Icon & The Black Roses!


You might not be familiar with them now, but believe me if you're a fan of old school HIM, then you are gonna love Icon & the Black Roses.

We're going to be working on multiple tracks from their 2004 self-titled album, and bringing tracks from their album "Thorns" releasing later this year!

Here's a look at one of the tracks we're going to be working on, and I personally feel that Icon & the Black Roses are going to follow in Rishloo and Halcyon Ways' footsteps and become a fan favorite of the Rock Band Community!


You can check out the band's Facebook page here :

Where you can listen to more of their great tracks, and get info and updates on when the new album and Rock Band tracks will be releasing later this year!

This is just the start of our announcements, so stay tuned during the day for more great reveals!


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