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Heey everyone, im new here

so i found some forums and stuff saying that i can play RBN songs
here in the netherlands, but everything is currently unaivable,
so... im doing something wrong, or its no avaible in the netherlands?

Greetings, Pim


  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
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    officialy its not available in the netherlands, however there are ways to work around this.

    if you create a new account, you need to set the country to what that account is from to one of the countries that can access the rbn (US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Singapore) you can buy songs from the rbn using that account. and as long as they are downloaded on the same console as you normally play on, you can use the songs on any profile on that xbox.

    if you create an account for a different country, just take the address of a random hotel or something from that country.
    also, if you take a US account, you get access to all the USA content. which is a lot more then european content, BUT YOU NEED TO BUY AMERICAN MICROSOFT POINTS TO MAKE IT WORK!!!!!

    if you make one from a different european country (UK, Spain) you can just use dutch microsoft points
  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
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    oh, and there might also just be a way to change your current accounts country. but im not sure about that
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