Rockband 3 pro-drumkit linux midi driver

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I managed to get the ps3 pro-drumkit working via midi with hydrogen, cymbals included!

This is my blog post with a few details.

This is the sourceforge page with the code and the deb file.

Hope it's useful.



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    I wanted to post this on Doc's mod forums, but the domain lease seems to be over or something.
    Does anyone know what happened or where it moved to?
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    I added support for the Guitar Hero drumkit, and now some xbox and wii kits should work (don't have xbox or wii so I can't test).
    I'm trying to find usb IDs for these devices, but this is all I've got so far, any help is appreciated.

    USB IDs:
    RB kit PS3: 0x12ba, 0x0210
    RB kit xbox: 0x1bad, 0x0003
    GH kit PS3: 0x12ba, 0x0120
    RB kit Wii???: 0x1bad, 0x0005 (this one looks wrong, but it's all I could find).

    Hope it's useful.
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    Just a quick update to say that if anyone else needed to know the correct usb id for the wii kit is 0x1bad.

    Now all drum kits are supported and we have some cool options like using the kick pedal to control the midi mapping of another pad, like switching the yellow cymbal from closed to open hat and the like ...
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    little update to say we moved to GitHub.

    New rbdrum2midi github project page.
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