Anyone checked out the label "Record Collection"?

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They've got some cool stuff under them, great potential for RBN. Personally, I'd love to see any of the authors pursue these bands!

John Frusciante for one (as I mentioned in TAG's request thread)

Look On (there's an incredible 2 minute long solo starting at 2:40, not to mention the song itself kicks ass)

Unreachable (featuring Flea on bass, Josh Klinghoffer on the keys, great drums throughout, and an awesome solo starting around 3:40)

Ataxia - John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer, and Joe Lally

The Sides (every instrument sounds awesome to play here, two guitar solos)

Hot Hot Heat - seems that only the Elevator LP is with Record Collection, but if possible there's some great songs to be tapped into there, Bandages was released in RB already (which I believe was on SubPop)

Pickin' it Up (catchy as hell, was in madden too)

The Walkmen - Angela Surf City was already released on RBN off of Lisbon (Fat Possum/Bella Union), very similar style to the hives or the vines

The Rat (would be a blast to play, listen to those drums!)

Funeral Party - oddly enough they only released this single from them, but it did well

Finale (primarily as a drummer, this track stands out for me)
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