Psychedelic by Hagroth & God's Almighty Psychonauts is coming to RBN!

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Finally, we bring you "Psychedelic"! The result of months of hard work and passion.
A 9-minute Prog Metal rollercoaster ride through the dreams and nightmares only magic mushrooms can provide, brought to you in a trippy fashion.
Embark on a journey soaring into the heavens, only to be cast down headfirst into hell.

This is the result of hours and hours of hard work. It was composed (guitars mainly) between early September and late October 2011. We spent many evenings in the studio just recording drums in November, and we recorded the various instruments from then on until about New Year's. It took several months to mix and master it, but here it is!

This is part of a school project in which we try to explore the market today. The song will be for sale on iTunes and some other e-stores, and while it's of course free to watch or listen to it on Youtube and Spotify, we greatly appreciate any support, but not just monetary! Word of mouth is just as valuable.

Hagroth and God's Almighty Psychonauts is:

Joel Hagroth (SwedishBerzerker on youtube) - Most of the music and vocal melody, production/engineering, guitars, VSTi, some of the bass guitar, congas, some of the lyrics, some of the cover art.
Emil Sjöberg (BarbecueJr and BarbecueJrSH on youtube, also known as DJ Raptorz) - Most of the lyrics, the concept, vocals, vocal harmonies, tons of ideas, some of the VSTi, promotion including Rock Band, most of the cover art, and is the founder of the project.
Joakim Jägerhult - Drumming performance and most of the rhythm, lyrics, co-engineering, ferocious spitter.
Alexander Pohl - Some of the lyrics, some of the bass guitar, epic desperate screams.

All have of course also contributed with great ideas and feedback in the process.

If you want to know how this song is made, take look at this video:

The Authoring will be done by the member Askari Nari who also have some songs in Rock Band!

(c) 2012, All rights reserved.


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