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Hey everyone! After having my name mentioned by Harmonix in the most recent podcast (admittedly along with everyone else's name who released a song this year so far... don't kill my buzz! ;) ), I felt I should actually start getting more 'out there'. Get on the forums, get a Twitter account (on my to-do list still), and start talking about what I'm working on. So what have I done in the past, you may ask?

-Dozens and dozens and dozens of guitar charts for RockGamer Studios

-Assistance and authoring for songs authored by Wes Jett from Ultra Saturday

-Four independently released songs,
--"Refraction" by Ricky Graham (Gameplay) ((Purchase for 80MSP))
--"30 Lives" by The Motion Sick (Gameplay) ((Purchase for 80MSP)) (also available on PS3!)
--"Grace Kelly" by The Motion Sick (Gameplay) ((Purchase for 80MSP))
--"Our Time" by The Buffalo Joe Band (Gameplay) ((Purchase for 80MSP))

And I'm trying from now on to get at least one song out roughly every month as an independent release. Here's what's coming up from me in the future-

---More tunes from The Motion Sick.

---Songs from another band that the lead singer of The Motion Sick, Mike Epstein, is in. Vocalists, get ready for some harmonies!

---Much, much more from The Buffalo Joe Band!

And there's a few musicians I'm in touch with that could be bringing more great music, including Blues, Indie Rock, more Classic-style Rock, and Electronic!

So, any questions? Hope you guys are all interested, and I'll do my best to be active in the community from this point on. Thanks for taking a peek at my thread, and I also hope you'll continue to return! :D


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