Catalog of Creepy Sounds in Rock Band

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Welcome to the new and improved home of my list of creepy sounds. Remember it's sounds, screams, shrieks, and craziness not words that we're looking for that are charted in the vocals for Rock Band.

My goal is to compile the ultimate list of creepy and out of place inhuman nonsense available in the Rock Band catalog. These songs have segments that if you seclude them and close your eyes, that no matter what language you speak, it feels like the last thing you would hear before the serial killer got you. These "words" make no sense and are always awkward to try and sing in Rock Band, because they never feel right.

(My Finds)
Train Kept a Rollin' by Fake Aerosmith = Ya-Ca-CA-Ca-Ca-Yow
In a Big Country by Big Country = Sha!!! Sha!!! Sha!!!
Rebel Yell by Billy Idol = Random Tiger Wow
Hang You From the Heavens by Dead Weather = That's not how I say "oh"
Rock Lobster by the B52's = Somebody Can Only Make the Ocean Scream
Jeepster by T. Rex = Jeepster/ Vampire same thing
Painkiller by Judas Priests = Shrill of Pain
Crackity Jines by Pixies = Ekk Ekk
Uncontrollable Urge by Devo = Backing madness
Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads = Drowning?
Don't Stop (Color the Walls) by Foster the People Don't Stop Laughing

Outside Forces:
Freak on a Leash by Korn = Jonathon Davis Forgot to Speak Human

Jesus Built My Hotrod by the Ministry = Ding dang Adong?
Drain You By Nirvana = Drained Shriek
New Wave by Pleymo = Tasmanian Devil
Je Collectionne des Canards (Vivants) by Ultra Vomit = Endless Quacks
Thread, Wise fwom yo gwave
Raise Your Glass by Pink"Reer neer neer"

Darling Dear by Little Fish The Death Shrill
Roadhouse Blues by The Doors = Honk Honk Heepa
Walking on the Moon by The Police = Eo Yo Yo Harmony Hell

The Right Profile by The Clash Harmonix can only call it "Retch"
Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold What have we gotten into?

Roam by B52's Murder to the Left
Jungle Boogie by Kool & The Gang Something about Bruce Lee

Love Rollercoaster by Ohio PlayersMurder Conspiracy

Down with the Sickness by Disturbed = Monkey of Death?
Child in Time by Deep Purple = Not the Children

Revolution by Beatles That Opening Shrill
Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm = No comment

Date With The Night by Yeah Yeah Yeahs = Choke Already!
(Han Daimond)

I Am The Walrus by The Beatles Koo Koo Kachoo?

Tastes Like Kevin Bacon by IWrestledABearOnce = Horny

Tame by Pixies Uh Uh Uh

Henrietta by The Fratellis = Wah wah gibberish galore
Timmy and the Lords of The Underworld by Timmy and The Lords of The Underworld = The Timmy Sections

Tribute by Tenacious D = Be De De Dep

Dawn Patrol by Megadeth = Squeak Speak

Breakdown (Live) by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers = Breakdown Ramble

Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac = The Howls

Master Exploder by Tenacious D = Opening Scream

I Can't Take My Eyes of You by SpongeBob SquarePants = The Fight

Burn it Down by Five Finger Death Punch = Constipation

3rd Stone From The Sun = Spoiler, that's actually singing?

Halftime by Freen in Green Vevulzilwhatever

Help me make this list creepier.
(Also when you link a video please tell me the specific times of craziness)


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