Witticus's Storybook of Awesome

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Jibs has also been kind enough to make an archive for me!!!
Check it out if you want to read my stories in a better viewing place.

Here are the sequence of the stories

Folklore Stories:
The Ballad of GeeNeF This story explains the purpose of GeeNeF in Rockbandacom. Like him or hate him he's here and you have no say in it.

Micagio and Kathlania This is a love story legend that is regarded as a pagan interpretation to the great art war.

The Sounds of Rockbandacom What music means to the land

Actual Stories:
Supretigma's Jealousy The story of Supretigma's greatest mistake.

Chiprent in the Darkness Unklewittiky is shamed after his defeat and lives in the only place nobody could mock him, because the girl on the internet doesn't know him, so it's OK Chiprent doesn't know him as a demonic force.

All Friends Weary Unklewittiky wants revenge and Supretigma must return home.

Chiprent and the Road to Obliviousness When Toucan Sam, GeeNeF, and the dreaded ONE WAY Sign threaten Chiprent's breakfast, he must use logic to fight these foes.

The Ressurection of Fakus Stevtler In Supretigma's adventures he comes across a demon that was thought to have been destroyed years ago. Together he teams up with Daxinfry to fight the monster.

Act I: Bulzentio and the Dark Obsession This is the first in a six part series of stories. Detectives Bulzentio and Mardinbec investigate the sudden death of the demonic god only to find out his true intentions.

Act II: HeiRez and The Infinite Aging HeiRez mocks Unklewittiky who curses him with the dreaded aging touch.

Act III: GeeNef and the OpeningActis Spy GeeNeF can't figure out why his last bullying attempt went so wrong and decides that PizaroPizaro is the reason.

Act IV: Bulzentio's New World Bulzentio awakens in a new world where the artists disappeared to.

Act V: Mardinbec's Lost Family Mardinbec decides to help in a crazy scheme to save their dying world.

Act VI : The Betrayal of King Fulkein The climax to the 6 part series. No spoilin'

Chiprent at Work After finding out Chiprent has never heard Smooth by Santana, Unklewittiky takes Chiprent to Smooth village in the Latin region where trouble ensues.

Part 1: Stop Reading My Thoughts Mardinbec!!! Chiprent and Unklewittiky go to Franz Ferdinand City, but all is not well as Mardinbec and Bulzentio have tracked Unklewittiky down again.

Part 2: Supretigma and the Void Picking up from Supretigma's sacrifice for Jibsintine he finds out this was an elaborate plan set up by Micagio to help him track down and destroy his daughter's dark side.

Part 3: Color Your Own World Daginfor and Jibsintine try to find Supretigma in Rush Country, but all is not well as Jibsintine regains her sight with brand new colors that spur the dark side she was trying to hide that ends up taking the life of someone she loves dearly.

Act I: Mardinbec and Micagio's Final Battle Mardinbec doesn't believe Micagio's changed and challenges him to a final battle.

Act 2: Bansville is so Lame Mardinbec and Micagio are banned from Rockbandacom, they must work together to fight off the natives.

Act 3: Hurrying is For Meanies Jibsintine in kidnapped and the kidnapper isn't all there.

Act 4: No More Shenanigans The race is on to save Jibsintine from the smugglers.


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