What genres would you like to see more of in the Rock Band Network?

AskariNariAskariNari Rising Star
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Note: This isn't meant to be a USL thread, so please don't turn it into one. Thanks for your cooperation.

I know that Rock Band has been considered a rock only rhythm game for quite a while, but there's a lot of potential for other genres to become more highly represented. So, I want to know, what types of music would the RBN community like to see more of released? Maybe there's a high demand for Dubstep out there, or maybe there's a lot of people who'd like to see a bit more Rockabilly. Tell me, and I will personally start to try pursuing more artists in the genres listed.

Just keep your requests a little reasonable. Listing artists as examples of a genre is okay, but just know that I won't always specifically try to contact that artist.

PS: This is not meant to be a USL thread, so please do not turn it into one.


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