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Hey cool so I'm trying my hand at uploading videos of playthroughs in video games I play while I provide commentary. They're called Let's Plays and I've enjoyed my attempts at making them so far

My first Let's Play (that I'm definitely going to finish) is I Am Alive, whose playlist can be found here. It's an Xbox Live arcade game that came out this month, which is about trying to survive in post apocalyptia and running into various gangs, all while trying to find your lost family. If that or Let's Plays in general sound intriguing enough to you, then I really encourage you to start watching this series as I continue to upload videos for it daily

If you do end up enjoying it, I'd appreciate it if you could share it with people you think would also enjoy this sort of thing. I have no plans right now for my next Let's Play once I'm done with this one, but if I get enough positive feedback and views for this series then I am more than open for suggestions :)

Since I'm on the subject of Let's Plays I'd also like to plug my friend Elison's Let's Plays of several games, right here. You probably know him from the weekly Rock Band DLC videos he does, like me. You can find his full list of playthrough games on the right side of his channel

Anyway, enjoy my commentary, and thank you kindly if you do end up watching any of it! Feel free to leave me any comments, praise, criticism, suggestions, or places you'd like to repost my content, and you are more than welcome to plug any Let's Plays or any Youtube series you yourself are working on into this thread. Thanks for humoring me :)


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