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Vox Games: ‘Rock Band Blitz’ brings peripheral-free rhythm gaming to XBLA and PSN this summer
“…it's an incredible way to recycle all those Rock Band tracks you've been meaning to get back to.”

Game Informer: Rock Band Blitz preview
“Rock Band Blitz is here to kickstart your love for music games without socially risky dance moves or plastic instruments.”
“Music games may have faded from the spotlight of my gaming rotation, but they never completely died. I still love busting out the instruments and rocking out with friends until morning, but other times I just want to interact with my favorite songs in a simpler way. With its controller-based play and downloadable format, Rock Band Blitz sounds like the accessible game I need.”

GameSpot: Rock Band Blitz: Kicking It Old School
“…it's shaping up to be a great little game, one that goes back to the roots of the genre for some seriously hardcore button bashing. It's definitely one to look forward to.”

Official Xbox Magazine: Rock Band Blitz (XBLA) announced! First-look preview + video!
“…once you start playing, it’s shockingly intuitive.”
“Yes, any Rock Band tune you own (save Beatles: Rock Band tracks) will be playable in Blitz. That alone is a big selling point, but judging from our brief playtime, it won’t be the only reason to buy this addictive diversion.”

Destructoid: Preview: Rock Band Blitz
“Players will be able to issue song challenges and taunt their competition through the game and the different console messaging systems. This is the feature I'm most looking forward to, as I'm a sucker for any opportunity I can get to flaunt a high score and can't wait to start up some intense rivalries.”
“Either way, I foresee Harmonix selling a lot of copies of Rock Band Blitz. It's terribly good fun, built on a solid foundation and chock full of material. It's a no-brainer."

The Destructoid Show: Rock Band BLITZ! Gameplay + Interview w/ Project Director Matthew Nordhaus

Penny Arcade Report: Rock Band Blitz is a two-button, five-instrument single-player take on Rock Band for XBLA and PSN
“Rock Band Blitz is much more casual and fantastic than previous entries in the franchise. My heart sank when I first saw the game, and I wondered if Harmonix had compromised in too many places to reach a broad audience. Then I had a chance to play it, and saw the strategy involved in how you move and rack up combos in order to get the best possible score. I started nodding my head as I hit those two buttons in time to the music, and I lost myself in the act of playing. Rock Band Blitz still delivers what you want out of a rhythm game, it just gets there in some surprising ways. I can’t wait to play the final version.”

IGN: Harmonix Changes Its Tune for Rock Band Blitz
“Rock Band Blitz isn't quite a proper follow-up to Rock Band 3, but will undoubtedly offer a low price point and fun arcade style gameplay.”

Kotaku: Harmonix’s newest Rock Band ditches plastic instruments without ditching the fun
“It's not very much like the Rock Band we've come to know and love, but that's okay—it's still a lot of fun.”
“The thrill of assembling in the living room and performing as a video-game band has faded somewhat, but Harmonix has rightly concluded that there's still life in the Rock Band franchise. Rock Band Blitz channels that considerable leftover energy and translates it into a fresh-feeling, fun game that anyone can play.”

USA Today: Hands-on with the next ‘Rock Band’
“The game may force players to put the instruments down, but judging from the demo, it appears Rock Band Blitz is a strong encore for the franchise.”

GameTrailers Side Mission: Hands-on With the New Rock Band Blitz, Harmonix’s New Music Game that Ditches Instruments
“While Rock Band Blitz is a very different game from the Rock Band titles we've seen on consoles, it's a great answer to the questions "When are you going to make another Frequency/Amplitude game, Harmonix?" and "What else can I do with these hundreds/thousands of current Rock Band music tracks I've already paid for?"”

Electric Playground: April 4 – Rundown – Rock Band Blitz, Super Meat Boy – VIDEO


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