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My name is Joe Zambri a Graphic Designer from Toronto, Canada and a fellow fan and forum browser of Rock Band. I am just starting out as a Graphic Designer and need some experience in the field. If there are any bands or authoring groups in need of design/illustration skills my services are at hand.

Email me to know more about it and hopefully get your own artwork:
Website: (coming soon)
Twitter: zambridesign

My style of art is inspired by artists Reymond Pettibon (black Flag) and Art Chantry (Grunge Scene) My artwork provides a unique retro look to it. I am educated in illustration, typography and identity

Some of the bands and forum browsers I have worked with so far include:

The Fenton Project - the Fenton Project

Alermore - Thirty Seconds 'Til Dawn

Latenight Symphony - When I Was Somebody Ep

Latenight Symphony- Only In Dreams

Gigakoops - Gigakoops

Gigakoops - Missing Chromosomes... and Proud of It

Gigakoops - RPG the Musical

Askari Nari - Kitty Birdie Zach

Askari Nari - The Harmony of Gray

Tyler Green- Out With A Bang

Sky Pie - Sky Pie

The Sonship Collective - The Sonship Collective

Nathaniel Whitlock - Amazing

Nathaniel Whitlock - A Hard and Soggy Winter

A Talking Fish - Lake (Coming Soon)

Ravens of Byiva - The Raven and The Worm (Coming Soon)


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