Anyone still play???

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If anyone still plays Please add me: 2702 8715 9381


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    Try the Band Wanted forum. Or the thread that's already here. On the top of this forum. That you posted in.
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    I added you cheeseycookies if you want to add me :)
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    i am Guy Christo on Xbox live
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    Friend Code: 1371-4322-2528 (wii)
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    I finally got it about 5 months ago, and I do in fact play! I've been looking for other players for online co-operative play. I have 2 guitars, 2 mics, drums (and keyboard). I just concentrate on guitar and bass though (since the drums will simply not sync properly). I've done some of the singing and score very well with it, but it is not a focus. I have been singing their songs for 43 years; but not "playing" them on guitar. We got the keyboard for Rock Band 3, and I have yet to see a Beatles song in the game that incorporates the use of a keyboard, so it's basically irrelevant.

    I'll soon be 49, and would REALLY prefer to play with older players—who also aren't concerned with "perfection", and instead interested in simply having fun and enjoying the Beatles. Howwever, if you are not in your 30's or 40's+ but are mature, respectful, and don't take yourself too seriously, I am cool with that. I usually play medium difficulty, with some difficulty setting variations depending on the song. (In Rock Band 3, I range from moderate difficulty to expert. I love the 80's!)

    I have been a big Beatles fan since I was 6. (That was about 1969.) While in the milirtary, I was lucky enough to be stationed in England, and got to go to Liverpool 2 times for conventions, etc. I have various pieces of memorabilia, to include Ringo Starr's autograph (which I got in person!).

    For anyone that also plays RockBand 3 and prefers 80's music, look me up. Again, I want to stress that I want to play with people looking to have fun, not people who freak out when someone is not perfect.

    XBox Live: Duranis81

    Feel free to add me to your friends list, and I hope to see you out there!

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