How about some Emigrate?

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I would like to see the band Emigrate make an appearance in future Rock Band DLC.
Emigrate is a Industrial Rock band based in New York, led by Richard Z. Kruspe, the lead guitarist of the German band Rammstein.

For fans of Rammstein, you might know what I'm talking about. Emigrate are just as good as Rammstein.

The whole album I want, plus all the bonus songs.

1. Emigrate
2. Wake Up
3. My World
4. Let Me Break
5. In My Tears
6. Babe
7. New York City
8. Resolution
9. Temptation
10. This Is What
11. You Can't Get Enough
12. Blood
13. Help Me
14. Face Down
15. I Have A Dream

Thoughts anybody? :)
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