Rock Band: Japan (And the cancellation)

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Is anyone else disappointed in the cancellation of Rock Band: Japan and or the lack of J-Rock/J-Pop DLC?

I think a union between Harmonix and a lot of the companies who produce music in Japan would be a HIT. There is so much to feature with Anime and Tokusatsu shows being VERY popular there. Using themes would be one thing but also some of the big bands there too.

But again we DID get The Beatles Rock Band which took a lot out of the bank to produce DLC for AND we have all of the features in Rock Band 3 plus 3k available songs, and now Rock Band Network 2.0. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Down the road does anyone think that PERHAPS we could get something going with the Japanese music industry? Or has that possibility set sail long ago with the cancellation of Rock Band Japan?

Perhaps suggestions on what we could've seen if such a deal existed?



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