Expert+ FC of Bloodlines on Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

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figured you folks might enjoy this video. This is the last Expert+ song to be FCd on Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock.

These are the remaining songs left in the entire series:
banobi" said:
Guitar Hero Metallica:


The Shortest Straw* (WoR version) :Triple kicks. Triple kicks everywhere.

Guitar Hero Metallica DLC:

My Apocalypse :The main kick pattern is one of the most annoying thing to play and the outro is freakin fast too.

Guitar Hero 5 DLC:
Laser Cannon Deth Sentence* : Really tiring song cuz the of blasts everywhere AND one of the hardest fill in GH series with a broken note at the end. ENJOY!

Twilight of the Thunder God* : This is IMO the most tiring song is GH series. It has 1min30 of super fast bass NON STOP, then a little fill AND THEN 1MIN30 OF FAST BASS AGAIN >_<
Laser Cannon Deth Sentence* : same as the X version, except that the last roll is even harder


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