Let's build a Wetpaint RPG!

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I've always wanted to do this since I first seen this done using Wetpaint online.

In case you don't know what Wetpaint is (you probably don't) it's a service that allows you to make your own little forum sites. These sites can be on any topic, and there's an easy-to-use interface for making special pages. This used to be freaking seet until the Homepage became unusable and all about celeb gossip (I type in "video game" and I get rumors about celebraty sex tapes. WTF?!?). But I haven't used the thing in a while, and it seems that the actual sites are exactly the same.

Anyway, I was thinking about this since Witticus posted his Choose Your Own Adventure thread, and at first I thought I'd operate an RPG here on the forums. Then I thought about how I always wanted to do a Wetpaint RPG. Then I thought that if I were to choose all the races/occupations/roles/story/etc, I may not attract all you guys. So here's what I'm gonna do:

As a group here at these forums, I'm hoping that we'll be able to come up with ideas for such things as story, inventory style (will there be guns? lightsabers? swords too huge to carry?), races (I'll set up the advantages and disadvantages for each race), what different "classes" there will be (warrior, assassin, healer, mage, etc.), and such. We will vote on our favorites. Don't be afraid to be creative, and being based off of a work of fiction is not problem (hell, they made several RPGs for Warrior Cats).

After we set everything up, we can play this thing! I'll start off as main gamemaker (I set up the situations and such, such as a Dungeon Master in DnD), and if things go over smoothly, I'll start letting you guys come up with your own little missions.

Now for races and classes, I'd like no more than six. each (I might make up additional classes on my own for different races, depending on what's picked out).

I can present ideas if you guys want.

So let's get started!


Colonial America (dog037)
After WWIII, most of civilization moved to another colony, where many different species coexist. But harmony is in peril when a ruler of one province threatens world domination, and somehow gains allies. It is up to the heroes to find a way to stop this fiend/join him/stop unknown forces pulling his strings. (LiveHomeVideo) (+1)
Space Station (Marlboro) (+1)
A time traveling elevator (Marlboro) (+1)
An alley in 1993 (Marlboro) (+1)


Humans (jibjqrkl/freaking obvious!) (+5)
Robots/androids/cyborgs/ (jibjqrkl) (+3)
people that are able to change into an animal (like Animorphs) (Jibjqrkl) (+2)
Wood Elves (LiveHomeVideo)
Northern Elves (LiveHomeVideo)
Orcs (LiveHomeVideo)
Cats (LiveHomeVideo) (+1)
Dogs (LiveHomeVideo)
CJ7 (LiveHomeVideo)
Internet troll (Marlboro) (+4)
Skeleton (firedoom666) (+1)
Fire Giant (firedoom666)
Pixie (firedoom666) (+1)
Flaming Ghost (firedoom666)
Midget Zombie T-Rex (firedoom666)
A Box of Staples With Giant Sexy Legs (firedoom666) (+3)
Birdpeople (jibjqrkl)


wizards (jibjqrkl) (+1)
Soldier (long range attacks, no special moves) (LiveHomeVideo)
Warrior (short range attacks, some special elemental attacks) (LiveHomeVideo)
Survivialist (Able to use any makeshift objects in any situation) (LiveHomeVideo) (+2)
Ninja (knows ninjestu, sneaky, able to sneak up and kill enemies, avoiding battle) (LiveHomeVideo) (+3)
Mage (black arts, such as fire, wind, ice, thunder, etc.) (LiveHomeVideo)
Healer (able to heal other party members) (LiveHomeVideo) (+1)
Necromancer (practice in black magic. able to raise the dead, summon things, etc.) (LiveHomeVideo) (+2)
Psychic (psychic abilities such as lifting, energy blasts, levitation, controlling electricity, etc.) (LiveHomeVideo) (+1)
Thief (Marlboro) (+2)
Pop Star (Marlboro) (+1)
Monk (firedoom666)
Japanese Businessman (firedoom666) (+1)
Janitor (firedoom666) (+2)
Rock Star (dragoninforcer) (+4)

Let's get crackin'!


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