Pocatello, Idaho - anyone live in the sucky place???

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Lived in Denver before here, those guys are hardcore RB-nighters never made it out because of surgery and ive been in Pokey for about 2 years, everything night here sucks. Bars suck Karaoke sucks people are questionably OK. SOO are there any people out here who are not addicted to Meth long enough to actually play RB? If so I am trying to hunt out a venue that suppports this. If there IS a Bar that has RB nights let me know. I have every instrument possible.
PM me or email [email]nelsmar6@isu.edu[/email]

Rock On.


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    I'm addicted to cocaine. It's not meth but is that still going to be a problem?
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    LOL Meth is just a huge problem out here in the desert. Most people I meet out flinging discs are all "man i love those games" but you never hear from them again. Managed to get a RB thing going at school (ISU campus) but nobody really wanted to play. Maybe I will have to hook up with the SAB and find out about doing a stress busters for fall playing RB.
    In short, do all the drugs you want. But it still does not get me any closer to a RockBand night in Pocatello
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