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Why is many times the RBN down on my wii???? That's very bad guys, I don't have buy a game for having half of his content !!! Please be a little more serious for real rock band gamers, and not for the new RB blitz which is not a rockband for originals gamers and fans !!!
Sorry for my english but I hope you will fix this problem and anderstand me... If that continue Rockband will become a **** for me, and I think for many gamers too, and that's very bad....
The DLC works very well, that's not a connection problem... But why buying songs at the real price for half playing them??? With no RBN, pass the price to 1/2 !!!


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    If you're asking why most of the songs for the RBN aren't available for the Wii, then the reason is that the Wii has a very different structure than the 360 and the PS3.

    RBN songs aren't made by Harmonix. They are made by bands and authoring groups on the RBN/XNA platform that Harmonix created used Microsoft's XNA tools. Which is why all the RBN stuff hits the 360 first. It is then ported to the PS3 with a restriction of 5 songs a week.

    Now since the structure of the Wii is set up so vastly different than the PS3 Harmonix had to go in and do massive amounts of work to transfer the tracks to the Wii. On top of that the tracks they did bring over sold very poorly. The best selling tracks on the 360 which were selling in excess of 10,000 copies on the 360, weren't even hitting 1000 on the Wii. So with the amount of labor involved, coupled with the low sales, Harmonix had no choice but to discontinue porting RBN songs to the Wii.

    Probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but there it is.
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    Thank's for the informations.

    My post is more about the connection to the Rock central.
    I can't play online anymore (I have a connection error 9 times of 10) So my scores aren't submited to the leaderboard and I can't play with others gamers online.
    My reflection about songs price was optionnal.
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    Ah ok I getcha. I just saw the RBN and thought you meant the RBN songs in general. I'm not sure why Rock Central is giving you errors so frequently.

    Is there a Wii store you can go to online outside of the game to buy the tracks? (Like PS3 has the PSN store, and the 360 has the Live Marketplace). If so maybe you can try that to see if it stays connected better than the in game store?
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    No, I can only by songs inside the game, but this store works perfectly.
    That's just the rock central,for playing online with others rockbanders and publish scores into the leaderboard. Today, he's always down...
    I think that I don't have post my subject in the good part of this forum...
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    I was able to connect on the Wii late Thursday evening (after midnight) after failing to connect throughout most of the week. Unfortunately, it was too late to connect with any other players but at least my scores were submitted for the week and now appear on the leaderboards. The connections of late are few and inconsistent. That's a pity as I was beginning to enjoy the online feature more than in the earlier times. Now that the connections are spotty, fewer people will be trying to connect and it will be harder and harder to get those 4 player online sessions going.
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    Well, Manouch is right. The Rock Central Servers are not always available and the game launches a Communication Error.
    Please, try to fix that. Don't forget your Wii players. :)
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    They're aware, and there's already a discussion on it here: http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=225161&goto=newpost

    Let's stick to that thread and keep the discussion in one place. Thanks!
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